What's your day job?

So when you ain’t fiddling with your car, driving your car, washing your car, buying parts for your car, going to car shows with your car, I guess you may be in that dreaded place ‘work’

I currently work as a technical manager and senior engineer at an IT support company in Sheffield city Centre.

So who pays you to do what?


My job title’s “IT Consultant”, but it’s 3rd/4th line support and project work. I spend more time trying to fix people that I do fixing computers.

I’ve recently took the plunge and become self employed, primarily as a handyman. I’ve always been pretty nifty with DIY and such so when my life took a sudden curve ball recently I decided to make a go of it. I love it! I can pick and choose what I do and can basically take on anything folks are willing to pay me for! I find myself working a lot less than I used to when I was employed and get better money for it!!!
There’s no begging for days off when my kids visit, and won’t be next month when my fam from Deepcar are in the county!!!

I used to drive buses when I was employed, and still do occasionally on a free lance basis to keep my hand in, and yes, you guessed it, I get paid more for it now!!!

I’d recommend it to anyone!


I’m an Electrician based out of Rotherham. Work mainly in food factories, power stations and schools. So a nice variety I guess. Hopefully one day soon i’ll be living in Canada doing the same lol

Engine test technician for a well known Midlands vehicle manufacturer. Currently working in diesel exhaust after treatment.

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While on the weekend i work on customer cars, my kit car/vr ltd and other car releated things during the week i work on cars im a mechanic by trade trust me dont do both. Im having a free weekend this weekend for the first time since x-mas cant bloody wait.

I’m a certified cable tie technician, and I’m currently studying the art of duct taping


Currently a delivery driver for tesco, but starting Monday a carpenters assistant.

Also technically have my own company still which is resin surfacing.

Ideally I’d love to get back into fibreglass and carbon for vehicles.

Currently a civil engineering student at Surrey University, but should graduate this year and start working for civil engineering contractors building lots of roads for us to hoon on :wink:

I make exhaust tips and supplies for BMW and Milltek mainly but also for other local companies. I’ve done a fair few different jobs though, favorite probably gardening believe it or not.

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Genersl dogs body, floor sweeper, receptionist, mechanic, accountant, valeter, cleaner, goffor and very rare occasion tea maker at Reddicap Performance Garage :joy::joy:


I work for a company called Smart Fleet Solutions.

I started as a trimmer who puts the cars together after they have been painted and changes parts such as seat base covers. Over the last year I’ve worked my way up to become a supervisor.

50 hour weeks but the pay is good, only downside is it often means I’m too tired to work on my car during the week and the weekend I’m catching up on rest

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I’m the business development manager at an IT solutions company. I spend my day helping people buy everything from QA and pen testing to firewalls and endpoint. I also liase with our partners to ensure customers get the very best deal.

I’m a model designer, trained to do props, product and architectural models but make resin models for tabletop wargames now.


I work weekends for a few Driving Experience companies, super cars and old school v8 stuff mostly. I get to do different roles with different companies, sometimes on the sign on tent, some times in the pit lane. Im also heavy into organising events, if you hadnt noticed lol. Still working on the day job/ week job part of it, but atm, im mostly an unemployed online marketer/ promoter for various friends, companies and events. I admin a few forums and groups/ pages on facebook too, as well as write up blog articles for the Combustionpunks website… but anyone can do that! Seriously, there’s a badge for it if anyone ever fancies doing some blog coverage! :wink:


I’m now a full time non traditional carpenter, and part time tesco delivery driver.
Hours currently suck but pay will be worth it and mean I can make my car work and come to more punks events and hopefully visit car friends more!

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I’m a multifaceted solicitor. Basically sold my soul. Don’t really like the job but, it pays.


Ahhhhhh soul.

My title is Database Manager, in the Risk Department for a Fleet Management and Leasing Company. I run running costs for new cars from buying, maintenance cost, and resale values looking ahead 2, 3 or 4 years. I also run the database for the leasing company side including ordering Corsa’s to Tesla’s from a one off to multi deals, sounds great but I only get to see them on paper and when they are old and tired. Also work with clients, dealers and manufacturers. Do get to do the odd manufacturer track day tough.

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Document Controller for The Residential Sector Team at an International Architectural Practice.

Sounds boring, but it’s actually pretty alright. :slight_smile: