What did you do to your car today


did some welding


Fit some new injectors, some 565cc blue Subaru ones.

It’s not really running yet. My fuel map didn’t scale properly, think my old injectors were just much worse than they were supposed to be, so I am having to redo a lot of the fuelling.

It was running really, really rich when I first swapped them.

Also, i got an under bonnet light, just a cheap one off eBay. It makes it so easy to see everything, even at night haha. Would definitely recommend one


So my rear lights are all scratched up after previous owner scraped off a black tint film. I managed to pick up a set for £25 in decent condition.

I’ve never been a fan of the silver lights, so my brother got me some red tint spray for Christmas, yay.

So I got masking:


One coat, a very thick one actually, was all it needed:


I was a bit concerned at first that it was far more opaque than I wanted, but after I dried it with a hairdryer and peeled the masking off it looked awesome:



Just need to buff them up tomorrow and then I’ll get them fitted. Should really transform the back.


It was a very nismo christmas this year! Lu spoilt me rotten by buying me a Nismo speedo cluster

I also treated myself to some Nismo goodies from Nengun and Yahoo Auctions

Spent Boxing Day afternoon fitting it all

Which brings me to my next mini update, engine cover stickers!

Keeping with the Nismo theme, i purchased an R33 strut brace with brake stopper on eBay. The brace had certainly seen better days so i started to refurb it.

And heres the finished item

Another little change I made was to swap the bulb in the ignition barrel to an amber one, to help match the red/orange illumination in the cabin

Happy 2019 Fellow Punks x

Nothing cool but big achievement for me. Mum’s gearbox went on her Corolla Verso. Was going to be minimum 600 quid at our trusty mechanic, so I let her use the Lexus and decided to crack on with it myself.

Never worked on a fwd really, not like this. Never changed a gearbox in anything. No ramps, no air gun. Axle stands and hand tools only. My god what a total nightmare of a job it was :joy:

Got a box and driveshafts from a breaker car in Somerset for 100 quid, not bad, 9 hour round trip, 350 miles. Was a later facelift car so wasn’t even 100% it would fit.

Took 4 days of work to do it, but tonight it drove again, saved from the scrappy, and my god I’m so happy to see it done!



did a buy


I done a melt

Then I done a correct


I did a buy today :smiley:

*Edit: I did a buy I shouldn’t have haha :joy:


Launched new MX5 specialist page, a sister company to RPG :grin: go give it a like and share please
Fb - @westwoodcustomsmx5


Started investigating an oil leak. Was dripping off the engine after a trip to Curborough. Looks like it’s the camshaft oil seals.


Make sure to buy genuine oem ones! Not the cheaper aftermarket ones not worth it


What do you reckon to these seals and timing belt etc? the oil seals are the same price as OEM seals but the timing belt kit is much cheaper.


Personally I wouldn’t but that’s just me, only heard horror stories about aftermarket seals not oem ones :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Did a buy today (pics tomorrow) of a £150 vvt rolling scrapper. New engine and box for my mk1 aka‘Triggers Broom!’ The ultimate in recycling/up cycling!!!
Decided to do a full vvt swap, ecu, wiring etc I may even do a build diary if I get time.


Doing the same to one of the mk1s I’m building full swap over.


Project tear down begins!!


I might have to pick your brains on a few finer points along the way


No problem happy to help, did a full swap over into my white mk2 aswell


Today I bought (another) one


Looks mint. I need your mx5 buying skills when I start looking for a mk2