What did you do to your car today


Just had the dial in set up done engine runs much better now, wideband is spot on. Ready to use un till it goes for its map :grin:


Done some more little jobs today and to continue tomorrow


Bought a new Mk1 today


Klooney failed MOT on tyres and bulbs. Off to purchase some by next weekend…


Not the car… Wrecktory improvement continues…


Love the door!!!


A bit of heat and pressure and the lumps aren’t so bad!! @Lokki


Done some shiny’ing on the wheels


New wheels and suspension fitted :grin:


Are they works wheels pip???


No Japan racing jr6, but if I put a works sticker on I think most people would think I spent the extra £1.5k :joy::joy:


Got bored of silent Lexus. Went in Powerflow and got them to do a thing:




Straight pipe from midpipe flange back. All cats still in place and midpipe resonator. Looked at a few videos and it seemed it would sound quite aggressive, but it isn’t at all. Still too subtle for me… Might get those cats out…


Bought an engine donor…


And stripped the pickup… Well Joe @Dubboy did the majority of it, with added Muscle from @Frankenfive @TrikeLife94 @Bear


Fresh from Japan


What’s the plan with the rest of it once you’ve stolen everything you need from it?


Which one? The soarer or the pickup?


Got some cheapy multicolour interior LED lights.

Yeaaaa boi.




Everything else off it will be up for grabs.