What did you do to your car today


Pimped it for my Nephew!!


Made a new starter panel to bypass the factory immobiliser plus add a little feature to the dash :grin:


Bought a ballermobile/repmobile:




Big mileage, but engine is so smooth, needs an exhaust though to get those 6 cylinder noises going!


Went on a drive over to see the guys at Blink motorsport yesterday for a dyno day with the MMX5 lot!


did some thangs


Washed the Elgrand and started tarting up the tailgate ready for advert time :frowning:


He did paint thingy!!

I’m so sorry @painterdave


Finally fitted my seats into a car, only had them in a box for 2yrs :joy:


Did a facelift thing


Leathers in to match :grin: thanks to @mx5mods just door cards to sort now


Lexus decided to blow the radiator last night. Many steams were seen pouring from my front bumper, but luckily no overheating occurred.

So in short I broke my car today.


Dammit sexus


A huge list of Job’s from small to huge still plenty to do, and booked in for custom exhaust system tomo :joy:


Washed it again! That’s 3times this year!!!


Exhaust fitted :grin:


Had the alignment done yesterday, found out both rear calipers have blown and are leaking fluid and my wheels were causing a nightmare to get good fitment, more things added to the never ending list of jobs to do


Got a new mx5 a few weeks ago with a td04 turbo, finally started doing things with it.

Fit a bypass valve, got a bosche OEM one. Makes the gear changes much smoother and less noisy.

I ordered a black pipe but they sent me a blue one. Probably going to get a black one with a 90 degree bend to tidy it up a bit. Had to put the cable ties round it to stop it from kinking at that angle haha.


Got new wheels for the mk1 16x8 et0 :grin:


changed a wheel in the snow last night

then it refused to start this morning

so all the wet and cold was not worth it


Put my new wintermediates on ! A lot different from last years set