What did you do to your car today


Buy the fastback back!!!


Hahahaha I can’t afford it! Need to sell the Elgrand for space and monies for the MK1 project.


Got another car :grin: but this one is just a donor already sold everything I don’t need lol. Turns out spent majority of its life in Sheffield even being treated to Dave’s magic. Hopefully allow me to have the mk2 project working this week with bonus of a 6spd box and Fuji diff :grin::grin:


So the next stage of the build is almost ready!

Stock Turbo Stage 3 hyrbid
Genuine Gasket Kit
GTR 570cc Injectors
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Blitz FMIC
Apexi Power FC ECU
Splitfire Coilpacks
Competition Clutch Stage 2
Lightened Flywheel
Braided Clutch Line

I have a Tomei Turbo elbow on its way

Just need to order a Hicas delete and i should be good to go! Very excited!



Halfway to getting the rear jacking bar on!


Home made scoop! Still need filler and paint but is in ‘test it’ mode until I can be arsed


Fitted these CF clocks :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

made a quick how to guide…

and composed my first literature review for my uni degree… Topic: Mazda, obvs :roll_eyes::sunglasses::grin:

Also had some uniroyals fitted for the winter, looking forward to rating them through the bad weather :ocean::cloud_with_snow::snowflake:


Had it Dyno’d (on Saturday). Not as much as I was hoping for, but Nick told me it was running so rich it was choking on it’s own fuel. So it’s in desperate need of mapping and it should make more :smiley:


Errrr… put a deposit on another one… to be dissected for the MK1 - Lexus GS 430
so I’m trying to save money and clear space and go and do the exact opposite :man_facepalming: seemed like too good a deal to pass up tho… and so i’m on the path to V8 power MK1.


Got the Work Emotion wheels on

18x8.5j et30 225/40
18x9.5j et30 255/35

Went with Hankook V12 Evo 2 tyres in the end, will see how these perform


Didn’t do any research into jag V8’s then???


I did… But the extra weight put me off a little, then came across a cheap LS430… Might Jag the pickup tho


Well that’s a bugger… Apparently putting a deposit down doesn’t actually secure a car these days :frowning: the 430 has been sold from under me


That’s just out of order. Once you have the deposit back make sure to tell them how much of a bellend move that is.

On a similar note a mate is buying my 5 next week (yes no more 5 :pensive:) after I’ve stripped it back to semi standard, and I may have just bought a manual IS200 that I’m picking up Saturday!




Nothing happens for weeks and all of a sudden everything happens at once lol

The new tyres for the Work wheels arrived and i didn’t waste any time getting them mounted and fitted to the car. The front ride height is left untouched from the 17s, the rears were raised 20mm (its still veeeery close to the arch lip)

I think playing it safe with the offset of 30 was a wise decision, it may not be the ‘fitment’ that kids nowadays wanna see, but i think its perfect :slight_smile:

Not long after purchasing the car, i already had a vision of what i’d like the car to look lilke. My very first car/project was a red Nissan Micra K11, one of the things i loved about that was the Nismo livery. That car taught me alot of cars in general especially thinking outside the box when it came to modifying. I knew the livery would work well on the R34 so it had to be done.

A big thank you to Unique Signs & Graphics in Norwich for designing it all from scratch and for fitting it. These were also the guys who designed and fitted the HKS livery on my MX5

I also tried out some coloured smoke grenades, I’ll be having another go at night at some point


r34 is cool but wow that micra is simply awesome


Was my first project car, had it for 5 years and ended up getting 2 magazine features (oddly enough, the MX5 was exactly the same lol)


So I may have done a buy I’ve moved on from the MK2 life to the MK3 life :smiley:


Welcome to the MK3 family lols