What did you do to your car today


Anddddd it’s on!! Sounds naughty


And it’s back in, very small chance may even run tomo :joy:


Met up with some mates, including SHOCK HORROR a non-kitted S13! Madness





Got the front ride height bang on… only a slight bit of rubbing

Should probably have taken a picture of the whole car for reference


Engines finished ready to start but nothing’s simple with this build I now have to change the whole interiour loom to a mk2.5 from the mk2 loom before it will work. Anyone have one lying around lol :joy:


Greddy Profec oled Boost Controller fitted and mounted.

AEM gauges fitted and wired up too. Just need to get the wideband bung welded onto the exhaust and fit the oil sandwich plate for the other 2 gauges to function properly


Washed it ready for MXOC Rally!!!


That’s twice this year I think :thinking:


:joy::rofl: terrible! Though that was my first wash since Holland in August, so I can’t say much :see_no_evil::joy:


I’ve not washed my new shell since building it. In October.


New shoes for the skyline arrived today :heart:

Work Emotion CR 18x8.5 et30 18x9.5 et30 in GT Silver


Rusty front wings


Angle grinder came out


Wire brush, bit of Hydrate80 rust converter


Bit of Dinitrol 4941 (amazing stuff by the way, not one drip!)


No more rusty wing!


RIP Combustion Punks sticker. Tried to peel it off the wing but it just fell apart. I think a white one put right on the exposed underseal will look awesome! Will do a buy.

Getting there with the completely cut down look, front bumper cut potentially coming next week, then a ducktail.


I’m looking to long last this Mx5 nd rust is the first thing imma tackle, has anyone under sealed or wax oiled under there 5, could it be driveway job or do I need ramp. Anyone done this before?:smiley:


It can be done on the drive way but is way easier on a ramp. Ideally you want the wheels off and bag up the discs etc. A ramp makes it easier to get into those hard to reach areas up around the fuel tank.
Don’t forget to take your sill plates off and use cavity wax spray or similar inside the sills and also any holes in chassis rails etc if you have a compressor it can be done very cheaply , about £7 for under seal in Schultz gun style as opposed to a hand pump gun that may clog up


And it’s messy so if doing it on the drive get plenty of plastic sheeting down


Cheers for the information bud, where bouts and what do the sill plates look like


Sill plates should be under the doors (when shut) either plastic covers or stainless


Fitted an oil filter yesterday, Went for a blast round the peaks and it’s definitely doing it’s job :smiley:


Not in my car but got a trophy for karting at work and posted the fastest lap of the day :smiley::smiley::racing_car::racing_car:


Sold my Turbo kit off Bankruptcy to @Fanta5