What did you do to your car today


I didnt know where people are based or passing so never gave it a thought


Ayeeeeee not your fault bud :smiley:


Went to Rockingham and had some EPIC fun. First time the car has ran (nearly) faultlessly all day!


Took mine for it MOT :tired_face::tired_face: !

Passed after turning my LED headlights the right way round (I had installed them upside down thanks to the Chinese instructions :roll_eyes:) and adjusting the handbrake!

So 12 more months of Punkin’goodness!!

And I fitted some bonnet pins to keep my bonnet down at speed!!


Decided I wanted to remove the front lip as it doesn’t really suit the lifted look.

Makes it look a bit higher without which is cool.


Also decided the rear bumper needed cutting down as it was just looking a bit too standard, and I think the lift really lends itself to a more cut down look when it comes to bumpers.

So to keep things symmetrical I decided to use the left side exhaust cut out that Flyin Miata conveniently have available on their site: https://www.flyinmiata.com/support/instructions/intake_exhaust/FM_dual_template_M1.pdf

Did some very amateur measuring without a tape measure, but it came out alright:


Then I put a line of masking tape between the top of the two cuts and cut all the way along. Dremel went through it easy, but also needed to cut down the lower bumper support plastic as it was no longer needed and didn’t quite look right. I got angry with this as the plastic is thicker and after breaking a Dremel disc on full power and having a narrow escape with it almost hitting my eye, I went inside and got the goggles and the trusty grinder. Fiddly work and melted liquid plastic on your finger is no fun at all. However, worth the effort, still needs some finishing but came out pretty good I think!



Next couple of weeks I’ll need to do a bit more grinding on the arches, and then on to welding practice to get the lips welded up, and then onto the sill before winter kicks it’s ass.


Looking good! Loosing the lip definitely suits the style :muscle:t3::sunglasses: I read your post and felt your pain about the bumper support box!! They’re a real pain to cut.

I beleive we removed mine completely on the last one… paired with a bumper cut, it was an arse to refit as the box provided a shelf and attachments for the bumper. There’s a thin metal bar, acting almost like a gasket between box and bumper. Mine had disintegrated on removal :rofl::joy::grimacing:

Refitting without the box and bar requires washers/ spacers to raise the bumper to close the gap between the bumper and rear plate panel, and some tiny bracing modifications to stop the air movement. Obviously your style of build will benefit from having the box intact :sweat_smile: #crashboxyo

Have I missed some action shots, have you taken it off raoding yet? :star_struck::joy:


Yeah you see this is exactly why I didn’t remove it and done it in situ. I got pissed enough with it as it was, I knew something would snap if I took it off. Angle grinder with metal cutting disc was an extreme choice, but it cut through it like it was air :joy:

I want one of those DaveFab rear jacking bars now, in purple for extra sexiness.

You haven’t missed any action shots, I can’t take it off road yet as still having clearance issues. Needs more grinding so I don’t smash my tyres into the arch lips. Hopefully get that done in the next week or so.


I have switched both my lower rear wishbones. They were pretty rusty and had developed some pretty big holes in them.

Because of a really rusty lower bolt on the upright/wishbone I ended up switching the upright/driveshaft/wishbone so I could just do it in one day without leaving my car while I sort different bits out.

I also got some new alignment bolts from skidnation with the locks.

Slightly annoying, my abs sensor cable went up underneath my roll bar so I have had to cut the cable and I’m going to solder them back together the other side at some point.


Am on holiday, but bought this


Took it for a service, check over and oil change at Autotronix Developments

Still pretty tidy underneath. Previous owner coated subframes in old oil :grimacing: does the job better than slapping on a load of underseal, I agree!

However, wasn’t so happy to find that previous owner had also used copper slip on the slider pins. Nope. Nope. Nope. Grease all the way. The crusty slider pins had been causing a little caliper stick, and has resulted in a slightly warped brake disc. I intend to run these out and replace in the new year. Still amazing braking, and just a tiny warp to cause a noise when spinning by hand, yet to notice a problem under braking. Theres no doubt the crusty sliders were culprit. (Ps… MK3 brakes are amazeballs) !

Also had a cheeky power run before heading off to play with cam covers. A very healthy 154.9hp, 146lbs/ft. No mods other than a back box.

And many fun slides on the way home. This weather isn’t the best for RWD is it, or is it? :heart_eyes::joy:


Took the engine out to fit my harder mounts and reseal the sump.


Going with solid intercooler piping all round??


Yeah thought it looked much better, and they are a great fit to the car now :grin:


All bolted and connected up now ready to go back into the car tonight


Very nice pip!! Very nice indeed!! 38mm wastegate too?


Well… some bits turned up from @hoodedreeper :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Glad it arrived ok :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing it fitted


Ooh tasty


Yep with screamer straight to the floor :grin::grin:


New discs on the wife’s DS !! #iliveinthegarage

Plus some fab work on my motorcycle project!!