What did you do to your car today


Nice work, love it.


Gonna be the last drive for the Monster this evening :sob:


Took a snazzy pic… beauty of the MK3 is that I’ve rarely had to work on it, means more drive time :joy::heart_eyes:


Few bits got done today, refurbed my brakes and replaced the silicone coolant overflow with braided, didnt like the red hose


10 our of 10 @Pip I’m loving the braided look. Is it overbraid or braided hose with jubilee style fixings???


I’m loving the cloaking device for the Turbo !!!


Having the finishing adjustments made to the manifold and exhaust before it goes off to be coated :grin:


They are all braided hoses most of which have an fittings where I could tap or weld them on.


Can’t wait to see it in the flesh again


Will be at the o/c meet and trax hopefully, huge amount of work still to do but slowly getting there


Refitted my quilted mats, picked up whilst in Holland :heart_eyes:

Sourced from The Carbon Haus, who distribute for Carbon Miata, Antoine fitted them for me quickly at the show.

Ive refitted and now fixed into place. They look and feel luxurious, and are so far wearing un-noticeably. Thick, heavy, top quality stuff.

Its really twisted my arm into futher modding the NC interior. Some little after market additions on my list include a smaller wheel, custom gauge faces, maybe a snazzy surround and a new shifter knob. Real boring, I know :joy:


Had a fight with some HEL braided brake lines for my hydro. Unfinished as rain stops play.


Wasn’t done today but forgot to post about it (apologies) but @painterdave got the roof done for me in time for JAE and now the car is all one colour I have to say it does look bloody smart


Did a few jobs today, fitted the new braided hoses up front (couldn’t do the rears) new fuel filter to unleash some more lost ponies, a new upper gear gaitor and finally hacked the rear bumper off (unfinished job) to fit the new exhaust


Met a mate and took some more photos of the lifted beast (it’s not a beast).

IMG_20180906_204530 by Chris Oldham, on Flickr

received_2700831640141380 by Chris Oldham, on Flickr

More angle grinding to do this weekend! Also note the positive camber on the left front. Yeah going to need to sort that too! Also going to remove the front lip as it’ll make it look even higher.


The time had come to start stripping the car, it went extremely smoothly and we ended up doing it all in 2 days.

My friend Matt purchased the shell, he has previously built 2x drift MX5s both 1JZ powered,S14 rear subframe,skyline diff etc etc. He’s been wanting a car that had history and this was the perfect car.

The car will be staying the same Honda Amethyst Purple and will still have a BGW! This was awesome to hear :smiley:

Here’s a couple of photos of his first build which he’ll be using as a carbon copy for the new build

So i guess thats the end of an era, MX5 ownership over the past 7 years has taught me alot whether its mechanical side of things or choosing modifications. I’ve met some amazing people cos of this little car, and I’ve been lucky to call some friends. The MX5/Miata community is certainly the best I’ve ever been involved with and can’t thank every single person who has read/viewed/liked/commented on the build threads.

Thank you all again


Drove a mission to pick some parts up off @hoodedreeper then once home made some hard pipes for the intercooler system on the mk2 tacked up ready to be welded :grin:


Was great to meet again @Pip, now you know our pain when it comes to travelling to shows lol


Yeah that thought crossed my mind on the way down, fair trek to any show


Damn it!!! Wish I knew this I would have asked you to grab my exhaust off @hoodedreeper