What did you do to your car today


By coming in early and staying late lol


Did some more :grin:


Did a repair. Wasn’t that bad to do.


any tips as wifes need doing and where did you get the repair panels from cheers


A few bits


Realised it’s never going to be ready for jap performance show and its a push to have it done for jae :cry: turned into a huge amount of work but is looking awesome!


Got my rocker cover on, big thanks to @JDM_Clare for painting it. :grinning::grinning:


Glad you’re happy with it, loving the cut cam in action!!

Today I took mine along to a special invite only event at Blyton Park, raising money for two awesome charities involved with motorsport.

Mission Motorsport is a name many may be familiar with; A registered charity aimed within motorsport, rehabilitating and aiding in recovery those affected by military operations.

SpinalTrack is also a registered charity, assisting people with (spinal) disabilities get involved with motorsport through equipped and modified cars. Set up by two racing drivers, it’s a charity to get behind!

A single photo from the day, but time was spent driving, passengering, teaching novices tips and tricks (really reminded me how my track experience has improved over the years!) And trying out the Karts for a session. A brilliant day, saved in memories :grin:

Just FYI… 3 of the Karts before me are racing drivers… so technically… I was 2nd :joy::joy::joy::joy:


If I’d have known I would have come along to spectate/support as it is a charity I have supported in the past (mission motorsport) that is very close to my heart as it supports my second family (The Military)


The last few 2 days we had to rearrange the wrecktory to get the new resident in ( finally, @painterdave has been housing her for a long long while X thanks matey xxxx )

So Kara had to get moved to back of the unit… Easier said than done when she is a bare shell on a spit, a load of other junk, parts and tools had to dance around her…

To get Kaylee where Kara used to be… And then slide Eddie the Elgrand back in… All while trying to get all the warchest gear out and packed into @Dubboy camper ready for retro rides in the morning

Just to make it more fun, Kaylee is all seized up and no clutch, so it was all man handling her in too

Many many thanks to @Dubboy, @Bear, @Frankenfive and @TrikeLife94 for dropping everything ( except for Kara ) to get all this done X awesome amounts of thanks guys :heart:


End of an era for the Blue MX :frowning:


Made some japanese show plates. The car was first auctioned in Chiba so i used that as the region. For some reason the hiragana character didnt print on the front plate 🤷 Still looks pretty good IMO


Rear RB duck tail and supercharger fitted


I went and bought a friend for my mk3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Took some rolling shots this evening, only 2 weeks left of driving this :see_no_evil:


Took some photos of my new LED tail lights


Bought some things


Did a thing

Lifted MX-5

Angle grinder, a mallet, and a Dremel and it fits


But it still rubs. So I cry a little and plan to cut more.

Lifted the 5 yo! Mk2 shocks, that’s it. No lift kit used. 205/65/15 Malatesta M35 tyres. Wheels are “Viking” stamped, German brand, can’t find any real info online. Had VW centrecaps but looked sort of homebrew. If anyone knows what the model name is that’d be cool. They look like Momo Quasars, but they’re not.

8 1/2 inches front ground clearance to sump, and 7 1/2 rear. Not bad!

Adding some 10mm top mount spacers soon for more height and to solve clearance issues. Then more angle grinding, then I’m going to do jumps and break it and cry again. Also planning on rear jacking bar, rear bumper cut, front bumper cut, sump guard, respray car in some industrial colour. Mad Max style maybe?


Yes!!! Love this :joy: :muscle:t3: don’t the nobblys sound crazy on the road!? Looking forward to seeing this come along, definitely requires a filthy style paint theme :sunglasses:


Yeah, so you know when it’s really windy and you’re sat in your house? That howling noise against the windows. That’s the tyre noise over 30mph :joy:

Once clearance is sorted it’s rust repair time and I’ll do paint then. Hopefully soon.


I cut more front bumper and bent front bumper supports up and out the way. Front clearance is much better when turning now.

A mate also made me some 10mm top mount spacers, I was looking at the Jass ones, would have been £80 delivered for four. He used a top mount gasket as a guide and cut me these and sprayed them at his workshop at work, all for free! Biggest legend.



So I got the rears fitted and it raised ground clearance from 7 1/2 inches up to 8 3/4 inches on the rear. Looks mad:




Bit more cutting required on the front and rear for clearance, then weld the rear arches up, and it’ll be perfect. Apart from the rusty sill, which I need to do soon!

Drives well now, still feels like a 5, just with a little more body roll than I was used to with the HSDs. Takes a while to not worry about speed bumps anymore!