What did you do to your car today


Got the car back from H & S performance in Norwich who have done an amazing job on the Skyline the past couple of days

Oil Change
Spark Plugs
Fuel Filter
Japspeed Radiator
Drive Belts
Cambelt & Tensioners
Coolant change
Gearbox Oil change
Diff Oil change
Brake Fluid change

Meister R Zeta CRD Coilovers
Shorter front drop links
Wheel arches and suspension turrets undersealed

A-Tech 17" wheels back from powder coaters (done by SW Wheels) tyres swapped over and fitted along with new wheel nuts

Full alignment

Car drives completely different now and looks awesome!

Got some things coming from Japan aswell as another road trip planned for this weekend. Will keep you updated when i receive them


Looking awesome bud, what wheel bolts did you go for? Looking buying some for mine and can’t decide which brand lol


Got them from ebay


I was looking at those cheers


Bought this


Took it to phoenix fives meet


Started trying to fit HSD dueltech coilovers.

Managed to do one of the rears, I reckon it’s gonna be difficult to put back together, the cage around the captive nut has completely rusted away on both sides.


Standard. There is a gap in the wishbone you can get a thin 17mm (IIRC) spanner up.

We’ve all been there dude! :joy::joy::joy:


Adjusted my suspension and trimmed little bit iff here and there so no more rubbing unless on full lock, managed to get a few more degrees lock before my wheels hit the body lol


Put down a deposit on my new daily. Just got to wait for UK registration to go through before I get a collection date…
Little bit excited…


Engine cover and strut brace painted
dress up bolts fitted
calipers painted


I managed to fit the coilovers ready for the peaks run last weekend. Went far too low to start with but I have raised them up a lot now.

This was before raising it:

Gonna book it in at Roddisons to get it set up properly


If your not to fussy about arch gaps being equal get them to corner weight it! I had mind done ( by Roddisons) and it transforms the way it drives. The weight transfer when turning in is much more manageable and the grip levels have seeming increased! All in all well worth it making the car and suspension work together.


Yeah, I reckon that’s what I’m gonna get them to do. I am gonna call him today and see about booking it in.

Almost everyone i’ve spoke to says it’s a really good idea


So today the awesome @Pench and @Shaz_mx5 both came over and helped to finally get Blue running healthily, so obviously I had to start putting the turbo bits on straight away


Finally got round to fitting the replacement steering wheel I bought from Japan (shame its an auto one but oh well)



Nismo Gear Shifter Fitted

Carbing Cooling Panel fitted too (found out its for a Series 1 but oh well)


Mk2 is stripped down for more work engine out ready for boost :grin::grin:


Still loading…


Looking fresher now…


Love that @Pip!! How have you got time to paint pretty things?! :joy::sunglasses: