What did you do to your car today


Just the sight of this makes me sad :frowning:




heartbreaking matey :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


What the hell happened !!!


Trailer of hay set alight next to the unit and spread.


Was that your unit with the project cars in??


Not really today like but i got the new wheels on the 5 recently :heart_eyes:


Not my garage but my storage unit, had the duckling and my mom’s in there, not so long ago had all but one of my cars on there so got off light in one aspect.


Cant blame you that is horrific!


Test fitted the shift extender, slightly ugly but nicer gear change

And center console cover nearly complete just the rest of the interior to go :sweat_smile:

I know the stiching is slightly off but hey ho


Brake service with new rear discs and I’ve been toying around with some new colour on the hard top. Bit of a rush job and stripes are not quite straight but when I get a new hard top I think I will be going down this route!!


Cleaned the track wheels ready for the weekend!


The car I wasn’t modding… Got debadge at the rear and a funky fog light upgrade…

Good job I had some spare… more of a pig to do than the mk1 raybrigs :confused: in the end, against advice and instructions ( who even reads those anyway :wink: ) I went in dry… using just a little (97%) water and (3%) soap mix to lube the adhesive on the film.

Burned my fingers a few times and sulked on the floor in the corner (genuinely) because they were so fiddly to do without a second set of hands! But they look ace to me :grin::sunglasses:

No pics of them fitted, cause that literally happened 11pm lol. Nothing like some last minute show prep on a car you weren’t modding :rofl:



got arches finished and dropped them off Wednesday, tonight done a lotta vinyl for @Lokki and @Jaqs but not gonna post pics cos tthose are theirs to unveil :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: now getting show gear ready for Japfest and doing a few more bits of vinyl for @JDM_Clare @Pipand @Deequeue - if there is no rest for the wicked… I must be bloody evil lol


Thank you @Yetidragon
see you tomorrow


Radiator went last night on the 34 :frowning: Luckily i wasnt far from home,just another expense


took the cars to japfest donnington with @Kimbo



I shouted at it…


Received one of the last parts to the puzzle just one more which Is being made then it’s build time :grin: