What did you do to your car today


That was kinda hidden until it became a massive hole that was visible from the side haha.

Probably why it wasn’t found for so long.

Got the new tyres and dropped it in today :smiley:

Hopefully it will pass haha


So today myself and Lu embarked on a 7hr round trip to go view a car. Turned out the car was just as clean in person as it was in the photos. After a test drive and another poke around the car i made an offer and he accepted!

Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Series 2



94k Miles (speedo still in Kmh)

Imported into the UK in 2016

Full respray in 2017

The car has a custom turbo back exhaust,HKS Mushroom filter and an aftermarket stereo, everything is stock!

It only made sense to grab some photos with the MX5 while i can :slight_smile: :frowning:


Awesome :heart_eyes: can’t wait to see what you do with it


Altenator regulator as my brushes had worn down to the nub just waiting for the new bearings. Open ended wheel nuts so I can finally fit the centre caps I bought a couple years ago :sweat_smile:. And 3 meters of brown leather type stuff to play upholsterer withave as the black faux stuff I put on is too mneh


As most of you know I dabble with plasti-dip from time to time but the latest 2 projects of mine I’ve decided to throw my hand at actual paint :astonished: so gave it a go tonight. Not to bad for first attempt with no booth ect. Once flatted back and mopped think I’ll be happy enough with the result for my first go.


@Dubboy got bored with fibreglass again and raided my parts pile… Coilovers going on…

Can’t run the advans yet… Need to roll the arches… So gonna be on standard wheels for a while till these damn MK2 arches molds are finished, had a bit of a nightmare with them on Saturday, but will get there :slight_smile:


Ford friends!! :slight_smile::sweat_smile:

I said I wasn’t modding it… The 2.0 sport with optional extras is pretty OE Porsche out the box :ok_hand:t3: But it didn’t have any sound lol. Weighty difference too. Have borrowed a Goodwin Racing back box, rest of the system is still stock…

Also had to take a cheeky pic of the underside. For a '56 On 85k miles, it’s pretty clean, having seen quite a few NC rotters :open_mouth:

Guess I should introduce her proper :heart_eyes:

The NC1 daily. 6 speed and LSD. The foreseeable future allows me to keep the NA for motorsports :slight_smile: Though they are very very different cars, I’ll have no NC hate please, the Mk1 keeps me firmly in the cool kid zone :sunglasses::joy:


Woah, that’s a cool looking yacht!


Shiny in the sun


Decided the black vinyl has no pop so swapping out for brown reconstituted leather and going to stich rather than just cut and meet the ends.


So, it’s pretty trashy, but a month or so ago I ordered a service kit from MX5 parts and happened to slip an extra something into the basket before checking out. So last week, after servicing her, I customised and fitted a new Pipercross induction kit.

However, that’s pretty much the only engine mod, asides from a decat and stainless exhaust. So although she sounds pretty awesome now, I will be lucky if she even makes the stock power she had from the factory :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally got a replacement heater matrix. Got it all back together and no leaks or noises. Couldnt take it for a proper test drive due to no fuel…doh!


The boot struts on the 34 had gone, I cant get it through work and there was none on ebay :frowning: Did some digging and found out Peugeot 207 struts were pretty much the same size. The ball attachments fitted a treat and it worked!


from chrome to cool lol


spot me in the mirror lol


6 days to go :joy:


Step one of engine bay decluttering - washer bottle gone ready for a/c removal.

Will probably look for other stuff to chop out too. I do like a tidy bay.


Another 360 odd miles yesterday to collect parts for the R34. Sunday road trips seem to be becoming a regular thing lol


Cried a little and watched the remains of my moms mk1 and my car smolder. Rip duckling you will be missed, cleanest mk1 ever came across only 40k on the clock and no rust to be seen :pensive:


:sweat::sweat::sweat: what a terrible sight :sweat: