What did you do to your car today




Reoved the hardtop for the first time since JAE 2015…omg

WTF? Honestly?


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Continued the slow, slow process of removing the engine.

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Super peaks meet tomorrow… So lifted her a little to try and avoid the usual huge amounts of her undercarriage hitting the floor…

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Bro do you even scrape

Hopefully not…

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The front bumper needed to be resprayed under warranty. So that was a perfect opportunity to fit my Blitz FMIC

Old side mount VS new front mount


Gave the pipes and chassis a lick of paint (hammerite stone chip)






The reinforcement bar had to be modified as it fouled the intercooler. Nothing a Grinder couldn’t sort


Due to the placement of it the horns had to be relocated. May aswell fit new ones while I was there.


New stainless fixings replaced the original rusty items on the undertray


Bumper refitted, it still needs fine finessing but I think the bumper needs trimming more as the intercooler is still touching a tad







So I had a grinding noise that I worked out was coming from the left rear. Upon inspection I realised I had zero outer brake pad left, literally just metal on metal.

The disc was already ruined and I had to do a run to the New Forest yesterday to pick up some 4x114.3 adapter spacers (more on that later) so I just did a 200 mile round trip with it like that. When I got back to do the brakes they were looking just a little worse for wear:

Anyway, after stripping one of the wind back bolt things by trying to force it the wrong way (GeNiUs), I managed to use the one from the other side to get the piston back. With help from a couple of mates, a hammer, and some levering, the very stuck slider pins were removed, cleaned up and regreased.

New discs and pads fitted, lovely:

Got quite frustrated doing this so only done the one side for now, the other side isn’t seized and has plenty of pad left for now so it can wait a week. However I do need to adjust the handbrake as it doesn’t really seem to do a lot now!

When I got home I opened the boot and my can of TyreWeld had done an epic explode in the boot:

Annoying, but hilarious at the same time. It was dripping out of the boot onto the road, so I guess there’s either stock drain holes in the boot, or I’ve got a rust hole somewhere (another one).

So anyway, the adapter spacers. As I said before I’ve got some Volk mesh wheels. Old school JDM goodness. 15x7 and an offset of we have guessed 10ish. So with a 20mm adapter spacer it works out around the same as a 15x8 ET0, ish.

However upon test fitting the stud was contacting the back of the wheels slightly so some Halfords special 3mm slip-ons are also being used. Tyres were 185/60/15, possibly used on an AE86 in the past. Far too large for a 5 really, and were causing issues with the wings, and even bumper, on lock.

As you can see, tyres were very big, and old, and scrubbed up from someone using them for drifting (Kenda Radials, don’t even think you can get those in the UK). So I got some Firestone Roadhawks in 195/50/15, and they fit much nicer:

They still need some work to get the clearance right, with coilovers and some more camber dialled in they will sit beautifully in the heavily flared arches. They look far more aggressive in person than the photos really show. Just need some 30mm spacers for the rear wheels now as it looks absolutely ridiculous with these on the front and the 14x6 ET35 or 40 Watanabe reps on the back.

They ideally need a refurb, so I might spray the centres in the original gold at some point and try to remove all the corrosion on the polished lips. Overall it’s getting there, slowly!


Love those dude!! Some lovely wheels

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Cheers mate, they’re lovely. Can’t wait to respray the centres and get some coilovers on. With a little bit of camber they’ll tuck perfectly under the front wings.

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Last night’s photoshoot was very special, some may have saw it at JAE


Yeah definitely bud!! They are very nice :+1:t3:

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Got offered these:

A pair of Work Equip 03s, 14x7 ET12 with a set of 4 brand new 25mm 4x100 to 4x114.3 adapter spacers (including spigot rings). Perfect.

Did a journey, did a buy, did a tyre fit:


Needs coilovers and an alignment now to drop it a bit and get just a bit more camber on them as the tread is just poking a little too much, but they don’t rub so perfectly usable until that is sorted.

So this is just a midnight Photoshop with no mouse, just a laptop trackpad, and a less than ideal photo that isn’t side-on, so a bit crude. This is more how I want it to sit, with the Volks painted to match the red Works:


Turned some scrap mini checkerplate into these


Mot today wish me luck!!


Do a pass

Good luck! or has triggersbroom passed already?

Passed on retest! One caliper and one rear wheel bearing later !!


thats awesome matey xxxx

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