What did you do to your car today


Not today but the weekend I fitted my duck tail new coilovers and my seats :grin:


New wheel fitted !!


Fitted my coilovers then took it to Roddisons to get the alignment/corner weighting. Sits a lot better than before and feels loads nicer to drive

Also checked my oil and snapped my dipstick handle :sob:


Before today:

  • STi Pink springs and new Bilstein shocks for the Legacy.
  • Rota GTR alloys and a new set of boots

Got brave and arsed about with the ECU. Had engine codes for a couple of bits with secondary air injection for a while. It’s entirely unnecessary and in there primarily to fool startup emissions tests in California. We’re not in california… so I used diagnostics mode to make sure the secondary air valves were in the closed position and pulled the fuses to keep them there. Then downloaded the ECU rom, edited it to remove the CEL codes and reflashed it to the car.

Car still works. More importantly it will go into sport and give me all the powah again. I consider that a win.


Tried to finish the de-badging job the previous owner started


My lambda sensor broke, the afr was jumping from around 12 - 17 continuously on idle, so I upgraded to an LC-2 from an LC-1 and sorted my wiring out.

This is what it used to be like haha:


Not today, but I picked up my MX5 replacement on Monday!


FINALLY got the cobra fitted


Not really done much to the car but I’ve been busy with some photoshoots


Put a bronze shifter bushing in and a new alternator belt!! All in between welding this shit!!

Not an Mx5 for once! It’s my friends customers camper that was purchased for £16k 3years ago. And that is just one sill!! It’s had the offside suspension turret rebuilt, needs a sill on the near side and the suspension turret/stepbox welding as well!!!


Not been on here in a while.

The Lexus has sold now, just wasn’t the car for me and once again I fancied a 5. new owner seems to be enjoying it :joy:

So basically in short I got a nugget of a mk1 from a mate. He moved on to a PS13 and the 5 was laid up for 5 months under a car cover and stripped of all good parts.

Here it is in it’s heyday:

Now looks more like this:

We fixed it up, and went to take it for an MOT, and it blew a rack seal and the water pump started leaking on the way, good times. Second attempt was successful and it now has an MOT!

Needed a fair bit of work:

Fitted soft top (big thanks to Sue for the free soft top, absolute legend :heart:)
fitted bonnet
standard seat
steering wheel hub
steering wheel
front hubs refitted
new front pads
new front brake hoses
bled brakes
Fitted standard exhaust and cat
new tie rod end
new lower ball joints
new upper ball joint dust covers
unseized alternator
new alternator belt
JB welded snapped thermostat pipe
new sidelights
some bulbs
new wheels (14" Watanabe reps)
2 new tyres
changed battery
replacement radiator
RadWeld for water pump leak (it’ll do for now!)

Doesn’t look too bad for a car that cost me £70 (yes, £70!), and all in under £400 to get on the road:

It’s a bit hanging, but I can’t wait to get it looking good. Coilovers and alignment coming soon, as well as these spicy Volk Mesh I got off a friend:

Good to be back!


Welcome baaack


Cheers man, it’s good to be back. Can’t wait to show you the bodges we’ve done at next breakfast meet :joy:

Front bumper held on with 5 cable ties, rear with 2 cable ties, the radiator is held in with 8 cable ties, the new battery is just ratchet strapped in place, water pump sealed with a load of crappy RadWeld, gearbox seems to now be leaking a bit, shocks are absolute crap, rear arches are cut and have overfenders, front wings have been rolled and the old wheels he ran literally flared them out by smashing up into the wings at Santa Pod. Fans are wired on permanently, left side pop-up light will only go down and has to be raised manually, soft top isn’t sealing right behind the windows, passenger door lock won’t work with the key for some reason.

It’s class.


Well Gino was mad to sell it to you for £70 but I’m glad to see the car lives on


He certainly was, but to be fair it needed a load of work just to get it through an MOT, and still needs more to be considered any good. Also by next year it’s definitely going to be wanting both sills doing I reckon.

Still though, less than breaker money, even if it was missing most parts haha. A guy was meant to be having it but kept delaying it and Gino needed it gone, so I got kind of lucky, but he wouldn’t accept anything more for it.


1.6 or 1.8??? Looks good for £70 almost beats my £56 buyback from the insurance company!!!


1.6. 115hp import. Probably makes like 5 to the wheels after all the abuse it’s been given :joy: but it’s still good fun


That’s a shame pal I have a few 1.8 bits I would have sent to you in a care package to help you out!!


Did a JAE!


Thanks mate, I appreciate it.