What did you do to your car today


A few things in progress.











The Nardi Deep Corn has served me well in pretty much every car I’ve built, but it was time for it to retire and a new one to take its place.

The sparkly purple Kingfab wheel wouldn’t suit so that was sold to make way for this Sparco L360 flat bottom. I wanted to fit a slim quick release too, my friend Adam had a Vac Motorsport boss available so I snapped that up as soon as possible.

Adam included some Fast and Furious-esque NOS Buttons to go with the quick release as the centre of the boss looked too small for the horn button

A lick of paint and some wiring later and it’s all assembled. With the new wheel and quick release mounted inside the car, I tried my luck with the sparco horn button, and low and behold it bloody fits :man_facepalming: Nevermind, these new buttons look cool anyway so I’ll roll with it

Thank you to Demon Tweeks Motorsport for the fast dispatch of the steering wheel, top service!

I do happen to have a label maker machine at home :eyes: I might make some NOS 1 and NOS 2 labels, or should that be Horn 1 and Horn 2 :see_no_evil::joy:


Tinworm eradication???


Yes, MOT time. All passed now.


Pioneer double din installed. :grin:




More yay




Took some photos of Lu’s Seat Leon this evening now the new mods are fitted

FK Coilovers
Rota Grid 18x8.5j Hyper Black
Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Tyres
Twin Exit Cat-Back Exhaust
Rear Diffuser


I did nothing… I’m by the side of a pool in Crete

But @painterdave has made my little scrapheap look awesome and has painted up the arches . …


Holiday and body coloured arches. You’ve changed :joy::joy:.

Ps have a good holiday. :grin:


yeah changed but how long will that car stay shiny hmmmm


Tried fixing the dodgy lock mechanism on Klooney. Don’t have spline bits so failed majorly and decided to try soldering stuff on HMS Corders instead. Only burned one finger this time


Got my car running again :smiley:

Unfortunately I dropped a lot of oil onto the floor from a loose banjo bolt :frowning:

The small metal pipe on the radiator return that’s bolted to the water pump burst as well so I need to replace it.

At least the engine is running and there is still a few weeks until Japfest to sort it haha


Glue occurred


So stickers at Matt’s today :slight_smile:


Awesome day out today to go to the merch day with a scenic route on the way up, through the peaks.


Got my car MOT’d

It lives!

Now with new engine, garett gt2560r and 3" downpipe/mid pipe


New ducktail fitted :grin:


Ducktails really suit the lines on the rear of a mk3