What did you do to your car today


Went to Modified Nationals last weekend

Roll on Japfest Silverstone!


A couple of weeks ago a got this. UK legacy 3.0 n/a spec b.
Today I painted the front grille. Fitted a front lip.
Also fitted front poly ARB bushes and droplinks.
Also fitted a bigger rear whiteline ARB with new droplinks.
Car handles so much better much flatter in the corners.

Unfortunately for these cars there is very little in the way of after market stuff. Need to sort the exhaust so I can get a bit more noise out of the flat 6.


Paint and a bit of lowering next…


Looking good but are you going to paint this one??


Myself and a couple of others have started our own Cars & Coffee meets and today (28th April) was the first meet of the year. The weather just about stayed dry for the majority of the morning, I was met with a couple of more R34s

Seeing this V-Spec 2 Nur roll in made me go complete fan boy. You just dont get to see this car out in the ‘wild’ very often.

The full album can be seen here > https://www.flickr.com/photos/93923515@N07/albums/72157708154531655


Not done much car stuff recently, but life gave me a couple of kicks in the balls lately so needed some retail therapy.

Decided to get some coilovers, and luckily a set of unused HSD DualTechs came up on Ebay at a great price, so went and picked those up on the weekend:

Got cracking:

All done. Took a few hours and still letting them settle, but happy with the height for now:

Pleased with the handling, alignment badly needed, but way less body roll than the KYB shocks and lowering springs it came on. Got a pair of Buddy Club P1s with some fat R888s arriving soon, so that will be interesting trying to squeeze those under the front.

Guess I need to get a welded diff in their next!


Did some more work in the engine bay of Hendo over the weekend after going over to Tegiwa for my first VTECjunkies meet, fitted the ally rad and new red silicone coolant hose kit I bought from tegiwa and gave her a full service! My OCD is kicking in and will definitely be doing more tidying up of the bay soon along with a nice surprise to the look of the car


Gave the engine bay a degrease inc hoses, reservoir bottles, intake pipes etc

The carbon fibre engine cover,fuse box cover and Nismo strut brace had a coat of polish and wax

Also fitted a new HKS air filter element


Did a brake service on the rear, tidied some wiring inside and put a ducktail on!!


Front splitter fitted


Got my interior in Yoda stop loads of finishing touches to get for it and new buckets but main part is in.


Nice! I’ve got a JDM 2.0 GT Legacy, lovely car. I do keep thinking I should have held out for a 3.0 though…

I would suggest getting some AVO re-reinforcements for the rear sway bar mount. Quite a few folks who have upgraded the bar have had the mounts shear after a while.


I have fitted an avo support. Got it from the states.
Love the h6 engine but not the road tax and fuel consumption


Good too see you lot on the weekend.

Not today but got some rolling shots on the way home:

Impeccable timing from my mate for taking them as I was eating my KFC corn on the cob :joy::


Went to see @Yetidragon @Frankenfive and @Bear to help Chris change his engine


Went to change the head gasket on my new engine and found one of the bores had scored :frowning:

Also noticed someone had put silicon everywhere to seal the oil in, even round the camshaft seals :laughing:

Decided I’m just gonna use the vvt engine out my old car instead and sort something out in the future.

Changed the head gasket for a MK2 one and tapped the sump for the turbo oil return. Also swapped some oil seals.


I’ve been looking at replacement seats for a couple of months but have always been undecided on which ones. Last week we took a visit to GSM Performance to consult with the sales team on various seats and to try them.

Being a ‘bigger build’ comfort was top priority, and trying the seats out before commiting was a major advantage. It was a tough decision as there were so many nice seats,but in the end I went for the Recaro.

I managed to source some R34 GTR Bride rails that had been modified to fit the GTT. Upon ftting I noticed the Recaro seat mounts were alot wider than the rail. Several hours of swearing later, I had some brackets made up and everything bolted together.

I’m unsure if the GTR seat rail is different height wise, but the seats do slope down which has changed the driving position abit

One feature I really like is the reclining lever that’s neatly camouflaged into the harness cut outs.

The suede centres make the seats pop alot more than the all leather equivalent

Its abit snug inside, the side bolster does currently touch the doorcard. I’m hoping I can modify the mounts I made to bring it over abit.


I finally got the passenger bucket seat in…by bodging brackets from some thin steel. Now I need to make some 5mm ones and jobs a good’un


started doing a thing again


Turned this

Into this

And did this one to sell

Thanks to @JDM_Clare for doing the wrinkle painted covers