What did you do to your car today


Finally got my car running!

Still need to relocate my fan because there is a power steering hard line in the way :confused: But it works


I recently won a competition by Garage Sweet Tooth and bagged myself some cool JDM stuff


That’s amazing!!


relocated my fan out the way of a hard line and got my car back on the road. Just in time for the spring peaks run as well :smiley:


Fit a raspberry pi into my dash running full TunerStudio for road tuning/gauges :smiley:

The pi is behind where the eyeball vent was. Gorilla tape is holding the screen on for an OEM+ look :laughing:


Got my headlights restored today by a local company, best £30 I’ve spent in a long time


Did a rare mod on Trigger’s Broom !!

:sweat_drops::sweat_drops: yep I washed it again!!

(And I changed to summer running gear )


For those of you who weren’t at the peaks run on the weekend and haven’t seen me plastering it all over Facebook and Instagram, meet “Hendo” my new Honda Civic EM1 b16 engines daily :smiley:


I’ve finally found the correct resistor for the airbag light, its nice to have a warning light-free cluster at last. (the supplied resistor with the HKB boss did naff all)


Fitted the skuzle intake today. It was a bit of a pain to do.




Not so much what I’ve done… as what I’m gonna do… Easter weekend is “Yetidragons Big MK2 Build Weekend” got a prodigious list to get through… Luckily a lotta people have volunteered their help to get it done and back on 4 wheels over the weekend… planning and ordering bits today… the full list looks a little like:-

Gonna be a busy weekend :slight_smile: looking to keep 3 or 4 of us working on her all weekend :smiley: starting after all the football traffic goes on Friday :smiley:


Good luck!


Oops again


You need anything else for the build I have a few standard bits lying around. I’ll see you Friday


Thanks matey xxxxxx


In other news…


Not long after I purchased the car I used the Turtle Wax headlight restoration kit. Unfortunately it didnt last long before the lights became cloudy again. I got recommended by a friend of a mobile company who do them for a very reasonable price. So I got the car booked in and well…the photos speak for themselves!

Since the Nismo addiction started I’ve been on the hunt for an S-Tune boot spoiler. As you can imagine these are rare as rocking horse shit and near on impossible to find. I found a company in Australia who makes a copy but its no longer available.

I did find one on Yahoo Auctions, but it came complete with the spoiler blade and the price landed was £800+

I happened to see a post on the Skyline Owners Forum facebook page about someone’s own design for some spoiler legs. Messages were sent back and forth for a lil while and I made a purchase.

His friend was developing some covers but there would be a delay due to finishing the mould, getting orders etc. I went with the Carbon Fibre option, who doesn’t like carbon?
These took approx 4 months and they landed on my door today (12th April). The delay was due to the raw and painted versions being made and delivered first before the carbon versions got put into production.

Fitting was quite straight forward as its all been moulded to the underneath of the OEM spoiler,so it fits like a glove. The spoiler bases have adjustment so you can put it where you like (within reason)


We’ve been having an awesome weekend :heart:
I have been totally blown away by all the help I have received this weekend xxx you guys are awesome :heart:
on the nicest weekend that we have had since … like… FOREVER so many people have sacrificed their time to come over and spanner on my little pheonix.
so far we have stripped he down, with all the usual difficulties of stripping a rusty MK2 MX5, including those damn lower rear shock seized mounts that are a pain in the ass. and we are most of the way through all the changes… currently building her back up with all the replacement parts, clutch and gear box are loosely back in, as is the diff… today we are buttoning her back up underneath, mounting the second chassis rail, then moving on to the fitting of the arches… Icant believe all the work that so many people have put in :heart::heart::heart:

many many thanks to everyone that has sacrificed their time, and knuckles this weekend so far…
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Triggers broom went in for mapping today and made a healthy 139bhp (140bhp) and some torques as well so happy with that. Area 52 in Kirkby in Ashfield did the mapping and dyno session , very happy with there work. Whist I was there took some photos of this scooby engined Beetle with 350+bhp

Reputedly cost over £80k but the workmanship was epic ( my photos probably don’t do it justice!!)