What did you do to your car today


Stop copying meeeee next you’ll have a hx25 turbo :joy::joy:


Had a bit of creaking on front left. Thought it was a brake heatshield or arch liner or something. Then found it was likely a lower ball joint. Not good, when those fail it’s bad times all around.

So I got a Moog replacement, check out the difference:


Ok, I did go at the old one a bit with a ball joint splitter fork, but still. It was pretty much ready to fail.

This thing was an amazing purchase (fiver from Amazon lol). Had both sides of the ball joint out in seconds.


This was more emergency work than anything. Will be ordering the other side and sorting it soon, as well as the upper ball joints as these also look a bit past their best as well!


Also rear left shock/spring has started squeaking like mad so that’s another thing to sort, coilovers will be bought as soon as funds allow. Moving house will have to take priority for now though unfortunately.

Obligatory snow photo:



Bit of fun today with wrinkle paint

(I’d like to start a thread to my build, can it be done on here👀)


Started taking more bits off my new engine…

Cracked the harmonic damper trying to pull it off haha


Am I missing something here… why are you taking parts off the new engine


Just changing the timing belt and water pump, much easier to do out the car in a warm room haha.

Going to swap the sumps over as well for the oil return.


Ahhhh ok well my turbo car now works and yours don’t


Mine will work again soon I hope haha.

Managed to get it off :smiley:

ended up just undoing the crank bolt by locking a screwdriver on my old flywheel round the back and jumping on a breaker bar a bit haha


Tried to fit the rx7 seats in Fizbne’s car…failed

Went one want a pair of cat beds?


After reading up on a Speedhunters article by Jordan about his RS4 audio upgrade, I was that impressed I decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to one too

The DMX7017DAB is a double din mechless unit with a large touch screen display. The minimal buttons along the bottom edge gives it a more modern look without distracting you much

It has the bells and whistles you expect to find on a modern aftermarket stereo like DAB, Bluetooth, rear USB, steering controls etc. What drew me to this was a couple of things. The first being the integrated dash cam.

With the dash cam plugging into the back of the unit, you can view the Camera aswell as play back recorded footage and photos. The camera has a built in shock sensor, a message promptly appears if the car has been hit in your absence, and you can review the footage straight away.

The second feature that I loved was the ability to mirror what my phone does. For Android an app called Android Auto is required. This allows you to mirror Google Maps/Waze onto the stereo, while still being able to listen to Spotify/Google Music and make/receive phone calls! Very handy for those road trips or convoys to car shows

Another feature the Kenwood unit has is a reverse camera. You can pick up a generic camera off eBay or Amazon for not a lot of money but I didn’t want the extra grief of splicing and hoping the built quality would last. So I went with Kenwoods unit and I’m glad I did. Direct plug and play and all I had to do was splice into the reverse light loom

I finished the install when darkness fell so I’m eager to see the quality in the daylight :slight_smile:

The rear speakers have been crackling for awhile so this was one job that needed addressing more than anything. I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for until I was half way through it…

The rear seats, door cards and trim had to be removed before I could touch the parcel shelf. The parcel shelf area was covered in a black dust, thinking it was the parcel shelf material disintegrating, I was wrong.

As you can see, there wasn’t much left of the stock Clarion speakers, no wonder the sound quality was so poor! The new speakers dropped in a treat and I managed to reuse the original fixings. At the point I wished I had bought the wiring adapters but nevermind.

With the rear interior put back together it was time to tackle the front speakers. This was ALOT easier, a few trim clips and screws and access was easy. Luckily the front speakers already had the adapters (weirdly enough) so that was plain sailing.

I did buy some sound deadening pads to put on the inside but space is limited and daylight was becoming less and less. I’ll tackle this at a later date.

The last thing on the list was to install the slim subwoofer. I was hoping it would fit under the seat, but upon removing it I didn’t realise the centre is humped and tapers down. So I decided to put it behind the seat instead.

The wiring is a lot simpler, all of the wires go into a single plug, none of those nasty terminal screws we had ‘back in the day’. The hardest part was routing the live cable through the bulk head (wheel and arch liner off and it’s straight forward from there)

So there we have it, a full multimedia upgrade! I still need to play around with the equaliser, then I’ll get a video sorted


Excellent write up matey :slight_smile: thanks for that! Well timed too I’m looking for a new head unit


Fit the sump and changed the camshaft oil seals on my new engine. Also fit a magnetic sump plug

Cleaned the sump to get a nice seal as well. Took ages with a stanley knife blade


Took the engine out my old car today. Taking the intake manifold and 6 speed off it for my new engine :slight_smile:


New car day :grin:


Got turbo running again and realised I can’t trust any wiring diagram or manuals ever again!! Tried to upload video but it won’t let me :thinking:


Gave the front of the bus abit if a tidy up


Triggers broom is running!! See vid on face book page :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Fit the new flywheel and clutch today

Then got the 6 speed on :smiley:

If anyone else is planning on putting a gearbox from an nbfl on an nb engine make sure you swap the plate bit and starter over as well! Some of the holes don’t line up haha. I’m just gonna cut it off a bit and hope for the best


Vvt and launch control enabled on me221 :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Fixing exhaust and wideband fitting tomorrow :+1::+1:


Klooney got racekor tyres