What did you do to your car today


Stop copying meeeee next you’ll have a hx25 turbo :joy::joy:


Had a bit of creaking on front left. Thought it was a brake heatshield or arch liner or something. Then found it was likely a lower ball joint. Not good, when those fail it’s bad times all around.

So I got a Moog replacement, check out the difference:


Ok, I did go at the old one a bit with a ball joint splitter fork, but still. It was pretty much ready to fail.

This thing was an amazing purchase (fiver from Amazon lol). Had both sides of the ball joint out in seconds.


This was more emergency work than anything. Will be ordering the other side and sorting it soon, as well as the upper ball joints as these also look a bit past their best as well!


Also rear left shock/spring has started squeaking like mad so that’s another thing to sort, coilovers will be bought as soon as funds allow. Moving house will have to take priority for now though unfortunately.

Obligatory snow photo:



Bit of fun today with wrinkle paint

(I’d like to start a thread to my build, can it be done on here👀)


Started taking more bits off my new engine…

Cracked the harmonic damper trying to pull it off haha


Am I missing something here… why are you taking parts off the new engine


Just changing the timing belt and water pump, much easier to do out the car in a warm room haha.

Going to swap the sumps over as well for the oil return.


Ahhhh ok well my turbo car now works and yours don’t


Mine will work again soon I hope haha.

Managed to get it off :smiley:

ended up just undoing the crank bolt by locking a screwdriver on my old flywheel round the back and jumping on a breaker bar a bit haha


Tried to fit the rx7 seats in Fizbne’s car…failed

Went one want a pair of cat beds?