What did you do to your car today


Fitted were strut brace need to refit shield and carpet

Also picked up my first “jdm” carbon goodie, says Amemiya designed, seem to be a jap rx7 tuning company from what I could see from the internet ! (Came off an import) image|375x500


More tings done


Raised my 5 (for now :wink:)


And it’s in (yesterday) so today is mainly wiring and plumbing!!


Picked up a new engine for my car. May have seized my old one :confused:


One step closer to being an pilot now


Fuel shield cut up and back in to make my boot look nicer nd fitting me pilot fly away switches too


The new jewelry arrived :heart_eyes:


What width are they?! And offset??


16" 9j -25 :slight_smile:






today i played with Sketchup to see how my Cobra Clubman’s rail holes line up with mx5 passenger seat rail holes


Removed my engine today…



bought myself a fat turbo to go onto my 2002 Skoda Octavia vrs 1.8t 4x4


Going for MOAR POWER?


I’m going to give it an easy life running between 500 to 600 bhp and If that starts to feel slow, I might tickle the boost a little. It’s a Precision 6266 gen 2 ceramic ball bearing turbo.


Nice :heart_eyes:


Got some stuff through the post for my new engine :smiley:

A Competition Clutch ultra lightweight flywheel 4.98kg

Stage 4 Competition Clutch and a sump guard