What did you do to your car today


did a buy


Fit a blanking plate onto the head and bypassed the coolant going into the throttle body.

I am going to put a tap on it so in the winter I can send the coolant through the throttle body then in the summer/warm days I can bypass it.


Had the hicas deleted and swapped the dead climate control LEDs for some new red ones.

Currently eyeing up a potential purchase, just need to find a car big enough to collect it


did some things


did more things


Fitted a few more fiddly bits to the turbo setup can’t wait for this to be back running again :heart_eyes:


Not today but built this over last month or so


Not all today, but yeah.

Got an import rear plate, didn’t fit. Got a smaller import rear plate, fits lovely:

Got some Heko wind deflectors, really like them. Didn’t take long to fit once I worked out how, thanks Youtube!

Then it went and passed MOT with just one advisory for rear tyre. Massive result! Very happy.

Got a Japspeed decat downpipe and fitted it. What a total bitch of a job that was.

Didn’t have a new manifold or midpipe so had to keep the flanges undamaged. Took ages and some very careful grinder work with a couple of mates. 150,000 mile old bolts are not fun to remove. Got it done eventually. Was scared it was going to blow even with new gaskets, so I may have gone overboard with the amount of exhaust paste used all in and around the flanges haha:

Doesn’t seem to be blowing at all, and I ragged the hell out of it this afternoon, so that’s good :blush:

So the exhaust system is now:

Standard manifold with precats
Decat downpipe
Standard midpipe with resonator
Straightpipe backbox section.

Now I thought still having precats and resonator in there would mean it wasn’t too mental. Nah mate, absolute ASBO. It’s mental, the sound is just ludicrous when you apply a large amount of throttle :joy: I might need to put some kind of backbox on to dull the rasp just a little bit. Low down in revs it’s really meaty, but 3 - 4.5k it gets proper raspy, which I’m not a huge fan of. Video doesn’t do it justice but here’s the sound:

Note how slow it is. I cry every time I watch it back. Imagine selling a 5 for an even slower car :joy:


Don’t go stripping the fast back I have a gearbox coming out of mine on Friday


Don’t need three cars haha :joy:


You only have 2 and a half pal :rofl::rofl::rofl: first dibs on that fast back roof then!!


Was Monday but got a replacement for @ColeasaurusRex 's written off MX5


I did a buy…

next i need tyres and shocks.


Haha :joy: afraid that ain’t going nowhere the fastback wear will be used to build the new shell


Is this for new one?!?


This happened today


Will it fit over that lovely roll cage???


did some more things

still many things to do, some tomorrow probably…


Yep just needs some tiny altering on the inside and we good


Fitted a tsurikawa and a hannya omamori to the 34

Finally got the stickers sorted for the carbon covers

Also took some more photos while i was at it