What did you do to your car today


It’s not mint… But it was cheap and the bits that are tatty are getting cut out for the wide arches… So I’m happy enough :slight_smile:


I told you I done a buy I shouldn’t have! I wasn’t lying! :joy:


Chris’ shell?


Yup! Tis indeed/was


What’s your plans, nice shell and a good base for an awesome build!!


Fitted a HKB Steering boss, ended up snapping off the locating pin on the clock spring :persevere:

Ordered a hicas eliminator kit from Driftworks to lock it out. I could have just swapped the clock spring, but I was planning on locking the hicas in the future when the power upgrades were fitted.

But its saved me money buying a steering wheel, the deep corn nardi from the MX5s looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure yet tbh :slight_smile: shall have to see


Bit late in posting. But I did a buy too a couple weeks ago



One of my favourite tiny jobs to do on the car makes any car look cleaner


Fitted the Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel from the MX5 along with a HKB boss


Reduced this to a pile of bits!!!


Started making an oil cooler mount for my new radiator


So the new project turned up yesterday :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Have you got a gearbox for it yet??


Work has continued on the Wrecktory, once again @Dubboy has been slogging away XXX thanks matey xxx …


I haven’t :slight_smile: unless I strip the fastback which I still haven’t decided on yet :slight_smile:


I have exorcised the evil


Been doing a lot of tidying on my car while doing the timing belt. Got this plate to blank off the coolant on the block with a water feed for the turbo/ heat exchanger.

I’ve also fit some silicon coolant hoses. I’m going to bypass the throttle body to bring down the intake temps.

Also fit this that I got from Autosport international last weekend :smiley:


Hello coolant reroute friend haha :laughing: