What did you do to your car today

I done a collect a cybox type exhaust for making many bwaaaaaa. Thx fizbne

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At last I have new clutch, sorry for poor picture quality I was throwing things at the car when I took it :upside_down_face: :grin: :grin:received_165560884859153|235x500

Yesterday’s photoshoot with Dave Pleszko’s incredibly clean ND

Full album can be viewed here https://www.facebook.com/pg/chrisbakerphotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2769786836447148

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Huge congrats @hoodedreeper xxxxx

Thank you Mr Yeti :slight_smile:

So this became this (plus a decat)

Hunted some RUST

And I found the time to make a pair of camdle holders !!


@Bear came round to sort my misfire out so treated her to a wash.


All I seem to do is take photos nowadays (sorry)


Went for a MINI drive earlier and got some shiny new stickers thankyou @Yetidragon

Not been on here in a while. I lowered the car a while back on some Direnza coilovers I got for £100, fitted a cheap Malian exhaust system (don’t hate on me, it was £60 :joy:), and got a GV2 front lip from Bofi Racing, it’s sitting sweet now:

Also did cambelt, water pump, and all the associated bits, as well as new thermostat housing, new thermostat, and new radiator. No more cooling issues!

If my house move all goes to plan in the next few weeks I’m planning to get sills sorted by a mate, and then another mate has offered me his dad’s lock-up and compressor/gun, so potentially respraying.

I want to get all that done before Japfest, which I have now booked, and I will see you all there!


Bought some daily wheels for the Skyline, 18" 350Z Rays

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Got some 15 X 6.5 MS01. Now just need to put the track tyres on them

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Not to the car but for the car!!
A two tier tyre rack and storage shelves!!!

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Fitted a short shifter from Cube Speed Australia



Cleaned it again :joy: its all i ever do :woman_shrugging:

My custom NISMO style tail lights are finally here and fitted to the car

What have I done to my car? BLOODY NOTHING
Apparently IT is the career choice that keeps on giving… more oportunities to work LOL
this month - remote working set ups for everyone!

you get a remote working set up
you get a remote working set up
everyone gets remote working setups!!!

but now that my little vent is over… Perlease cheer me up with epic tales of what this recent lockdown has enabled you to make awesome xxxx

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Same here mate im afraid. Water production has kind of become a priority. And the farm where my car is has gone into lockdown.:man_facepalming:

Did this 2 weekends ago. Working still so no weekday progress, plus last weekend the weather was rubbish so couldn’t try fixing the issue of the new exhaust hitting the rear brace

So what was originally thought to be a sticky break, then a wheel bearing, eventually turned out to be a broken spring and a bent drop link…cue starting to fix the car at half ten and not being done until quarter past five and its had new spring, drop link, front tyres and side lights aswell…and its the only problem i’ve had since getting it :joy::woman_facepalming: