What did you do to your car today



Always a popular subject, we all love waffling about our cars…

…so what did you do to yours today!?


use some of the fuel that’s in it :wink:


Turned another aluminium ring for my dash build, and started modding a rocker cover :blush:


Yesterday the strut brace went on. Tomorrow, the engine swap is starting.


since my mate let me down going to the pub, looks like I’ll be out in the garage making my custom carbon dash…

pics later


That I want to see!


What I did today was get half way through my engine change, realise I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, and decide to forge the one from my breaker


@linkheroz re biting off more than you can chew, i sometimes think this… Then I remember there’s so much information available as long as you’re willing to do some self learning, you’ll be fine. (Says the accountant doing a twin turbo v6)
Plus there’s always us guys when you’re really stuck!


well I haven’t finished it yet…

prototype in cardboard

start cutting


It’s not just the knowledge, it’s the time, effort and the cost as well. But then after, I’ll know how to fix the other one to sell on.


Tightened the alternator belt. Little git had been slipping on startup/idle. Turned out we’d not tightened the pinch bolt on the adjuster and it’d slackened itself off considerably. whistles inconspicuously

Might explain why my water temp gauge has been playing funny buggers too, given it drives the water pump. Oops.


Wrote about it!



Washed off the unbelievable amount of road salt it picked up just going to Barefoot’s tech day


haha! that magical glitter dust :blush:


Did this, then realised it’s way too OTT in a Lupo, the harnesses are a pain in the backside, the ride is atrocious and they look :poop:


Took my sunstrip and headlight ‘angry’ stickers off ready for the MOT. :frowning:


Most recent is the torque damper and medium gay wing
<imgsrc="/uploads/default/264/ee1c74930ce75bb4.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”>


what torque damper have you got?

I’ve seen those ones you can get on eBay and i’m pretty sure the insides have some dodgy nylon bushes or something!

I used a mountain bike shock


Yours looks well smart jimmy…got mine off somone on the nutz forum


Novel use of a mtb shock!

Do they make much difference? I’ve got some firmer mounts ready to go on when the new cams go in so that should stop a bit of wiggle


Haven’t done a thing to my car today (except drive it carefully and sensibly to work and back twice) but I have been messing on Forza designing a racecar livery for a good buddy of mine…