What did you do to Punks today


As a slight spinoff of the “What did you do to your car today” thread, here we go with the “what did you do to Punks today” where we can post up improvements to stuff on the forum, Website, Store, Warchest gear etc etc… Ok this thread might be starting up a bit late, but better late than never right?

So I’ve been working through the rest of the badges that have been missing artwork:-
Kills%20Badge%20Monitor Badge Monitor
Kills%20Certified Licensed
Kills%20Licensed Certified
Kills%20Chairbreaker Chairbreaker
Kills%20Welshtime Welshtime
Kills%20Devotee devotee
Kills%20Aficionado Aficionado
Kills%20Enthusiast Enthusiast

I know @Sophie is going to be so stoked about the chair breaker badge lol


Finally got around to printing up the hiviz for the guys arranging / running the show stands… Only had it about 2 years …


more badges :-
Kill%20Merchidea Merch Idea
kills%20Tattooed tattoed


Can you tell I’m a little behind in doing artwork for the badges? lols

Kills%20RetroRides%20Gathering%2016 Retro Rides Gathering 2016

Kills%20Retrorides%20Gathering%2017 Retro Rides Gathering 17

Kills%20RetroRides%20Gathering%2018 Retro Rides Gathering 18

Kills%20Merch%20Designer Merch Designer

Kills%20Peaks%20Spring%2018 Super Peaks Spring 18

Kills%20Peaks%20Summer%2018 Super Peaks Sumemr 18

Kills%20Peaks%20Autumn%2018 Super Peaks Autumn 18


whats the welshtime one


That’s for making a convoy 30 mins or more late… Cos I do that… Negative points lol


oh ok thats a good idea, you do that a lot


where is the wedding badge


You know that’s not what I’m gonna call it right?


why am i not surprised


Posted up the monthly cover photo competition today!

Get over to the Facebook page and enter a pic!!! :smiley:


Moar badge arttwork completed…
Kills%20Super%20Peaks%20Summer%202017 Super Peaks Summer 2017
Kills%20Japfest%20Silverstone%2017 Japfest Silverstone 17
Japfest Donington 17
Kills%20Japfest%20Silverstone%2018 Japfest Silverstone 18
Kills%20Japfest%20Donington%2018 Japfest Donington 18
Kills%20Japfest%20Rocks%2016 Japfest Rocks '16
Kills%20Japfest%20Silverstone%2016 Japfest Silverstone '16
Kills%20Little%20Big%20Meet%2017 Little Big Meet '17
Artboard%201 Event - JAE '16 (attended on Punks stand)
JAE%20Organiser%2016 Event - JAE '16 Organiser
Kills%20JAE%2017 JAE 17
Kills%20JAE%20Fancydress%2017 JAE Fancydress '17
Kills%20JAE%20IKO%2017 JAE 17 IKO
Kills%20JAE%2017%20Organiser JAE 17 Organiser
Kills%20JAE%2018 JAE 18

Kills%20JAE%2018%20Organiser JAE 18 Organiser


And I think this last installment brings us up to date (Please for the sake of all that is good, please let that be it for now)

KillsTrax%20Silverstone%2016 Trax Silverstone 16
Kills%20Trax%20Silverstone%2017 Trax Silverstone 17
Kills%20Trax%20Silverstone%2018 Trax Silverstone 18
Kills%20Jap%20Performance%2017 Jap Performance 17
Kills%20Jap%20Performance%2018 Jap Performance 18
Kills%20Trax%20Donington%2018 Trax Donington '18

Now that we are up to date with badges we already have… I can crack on with making the new ones :heart: … right after cutting the stickers for tomorrows Peaks Meet


Made the stickers for the Autumn Peaks Meet :slight_smile:


Started the 2018 Badge Amnesty