What are your other interests?

Tying in with the “whats your day job” Thread I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess we all have interests that are not car-centric, like sports, gaming, drinking, knitting, collecting rare and beautiful butterflies from al over the world… I dunno, I know people do these things…

I play with fibreglass, Vinyl cutters, Heat presses for fun :smiley:

What does everyone else do?

I referee Ice Hockey and get offered out for fights in car parks :joy:

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Video games for me! And music :slight_smile:

Pole fitness :innocent: and working on my manly back :joy:


When not injured, i compete in flatwayer kayaking and occasionally play some friendly sumday cricket matches in the summer

Mountain biking, but been injured for past 6 months :frowning:
Enjoying the wood working so might get into helping my boss build his boats.
Model cars.

Not as much free time these days

Too many things, but mainly cycling, model making and triathlon.

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Thought I would give this old thread a bump - So I was chatting to @chrisgibson1985 today, and found out that he does some stuff that I was not aware of - I’ll let him tell ya :smiley: and i’m pretty sure we all aware @hoodedreeper has some awesome photography skills <3 who else does what? (be careful… I may come begging for your skills :rofl::joy:

what do I do? errrr make a mess usually :smiley:

So what else do people get up to? I know we have some website / coding guys, stand up comediennes, Motorsport guys - shout them up peoples

Cheers @Yetidragon

I have a couple of other things that I do other than destroy cars, I play in a band called The Me Me’s - Punksters of Pop, we take pop songs and cross them with punk songs, imagine Mama Mia by Abba crossed with The Sex Pistols, or High Ho Silverlining crossed with Green Day.

The other main thing that I do is on a Friday night between 7 and 9 I run a rock radio show online for Ne3radio.co.uk called The Friday Night Rock Lock In, playing all your favourite rock, punk, pop punk, ska, metal, alt, and random dance tracks thrown in the mix for good measure!


@chrisgibson1985 is bringing me out of my cold adled stupor

OMG Andrew wk not heared since i was like 16 or sommit PARTY HARD!

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One interest is playing the guitar,although the last few years I haven’t had much spare time to play. I like video games, recent games have been Need For Speed Heat (had a solid 3 day session when it got released) and I’m almost finished with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

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My interests are my mountain bike and my welder!

Here’s something I’m currently working on. A giant log burner for my mums new garden!

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