Website / Blog / Forum improvements

So once again I am going to be working to make things better (Fiddling) on the website / blogs / Forum

What this actually means is that I’m gonna break things. not intentionally, but lets face it, its gonna happen.

Luckily last weeks edits by and large made things better, we are back on the correct theme, I believe that I have got the forum working as comments for the website again… and I’m pretty close to having the online shop working… which in itself may be the bit that breaks stuff this week as I think I am going to got deeper into the theme coding then I have been before to try and get the shop looking better…

Wish me luck!

If all else fails then I will pull the theme back from the backup I have just made…

Im not pissing about with content, so there should be no risk of loss,… just things may loook a bit weird at different points

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