We need to be concerned about @Yetidragon :ROFL:

We need to be slightly concerned about our leader :smile: ,

You have probably known him longer than me however I have known that he never washes his car…

I arrived and saw this today…

I think it’s time for an intervention!!


First time in ages he’s had a car that is all the same colour :rofl::rofl:


Not all one color anymore :rofl:

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Show us!!!

as you saw on the weekend… its not finished yet… will be sorted for Japfest this weekend tho :smiley:

he also willingly took time off from work to go on holiday overseas, i think an intervention is looming


Looming… thought we had it planned for japfest :joy:

Getting back on track…


That’s come a long way since last time I saw It! Looks amazing, for an NB obviously…!

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ok… it might be time to worry…

I did some stuff to my interior…

… and didnt totally bodge it

IE… I fitted a CB that ISN’T just screwed to the top of the dash with wood screws.

oh, and I fitted sommit to make music come out of speakers… for like the first time in a decade I have a car that will play music

Panic people!!! it is the end of days, here comes the apocolypse, #4horsemen #endofdays #itwasforetold

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The sky is turning blood red and falling in!!

What did you do with the real Yeti

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It is the same Yeti, he put the vinyl on by running at it and flailing about :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

No real concerns if there are empty pizza boxes in the bin !!!