WANTED - Featured Cars sign and voting box for at the shows


Looking at gearing up for next years shows, and there are a few small projects that would really benefit from being sorted… this one - the feeatured cars Sign and voting box for at the shows…

So WTF am I on about?

Couple of years back when we atarted the forum teams and the points system (which is going to be done properly from here on in) we started having “Featured Cars” at the shows, a selection of 4 cars proposed on the forum and voted to stand front and centre on the stand, then voted on by the general public as being their favorite.

Huge Kudos (and team points) was handed to the featured cars, along with badges awarded on the forum, aphotos and a write up done on the website etc etc… I’ll put up another post covering all the details as we appraoch show season…

Back in the day we had a cardboard box and a few slips of paper for the voting… and we wanna do it better right?

So what are we after? a couple of pieces of “show furniture” to sit front and centre in pride of place with the featured show cars consisting of:-
Sign explaining what we are doing
holder for the voting slips
box to take the voting slips
pen holder for the voting
a simple sign to go in front of each car “EG Featured car#1”
there are a few more criteria, but I can expand on them …

So who wants to make sommit awesome to join the warchest equipment and take centre stage at all the shows? I should probably mention that the sign writing bit is easy enough… got a vinyl cutter in the unit after all :smiley:


What about The box being an old Mx5 Airbox with a slot in it?


I may be able to…acquire…a suggestion box from work such as the below which can then be personalised