Wales 2017 Photos

Me and the other half took a driving holiday to Wales last week. I’ve tried to condense the photos down,there was quite alot to choose from :stuck_out_tongue:

Started off by visiting the Evo Triangle

Travelled south west and stopped off at the Mach Loop Cad West to watch some RAF training. We had a couple of fighter jets come over as we got out of the car. We climbed about half way but sadly only saw 2 other air craft. I have zero knowledge on aircraft so couldn’t tell you the names sorry

Getting lost was the best part

We were staying with some family south of Merthyr Tydfil,so majority of our visits were in the south region

Went to the Henrhyd Water Falls

To the fast west of the Brecon National Park is the A4069 also known as the Black Mountain Pass. Give it a search in Youtube to see what the roads are like,theres one particular hairpin which is very popular for car enthusiasts :wink:

Wednesday was very foggy,which made for some cool photos. We headed over to the Black Mountain Pass again in the hope of getting some more photos but sadly the fog ruined the view

Thursday we visited Rhossili Bay

Turned the sat nav off and took the route as it came. No matter what,you’ll never be disappointed with the views

We finished the holiday with a visit to the Total 5s HQ in Barry


Looks like you had a right good trip matey :smiley:

I really should spend some more time in my country of origin lol