VOTING! Japfest Featured Cars! #TOPPUNK


Honorary toku @Westlake-Mazduh ? We could do with another now that @hoodedreeper wants to play Judas :joy::joy::joy:


Sounds good to me! :smiley:


Which one was that to? Lols. You want toku or dauntless?


Surely we’ll get points for me having a magazine feature? So not all bad :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah… there are quite a few points for that IIRC :smiley: well there are if punks stickers visable and punks mentioned lols.


Either, but as Dauntless was mentioned first, lets go with that :slight_smile: I have a feature lined up with a mag, too so more points to come! :slight_smile:


Awesome :smiley: glad to have ya :smiley:


Yay! :slight_smile: Toku already have a supercharger…Cant’ have too many in one group - Too much whining! :stuck_out_tongue:


conscripted :smiley:


many lols. I’m rebuilding my turbo car at the moment… but doing it the long way…


Taking a ‘re-build’ to a whole new level! :open_mouth: :joy:


The last one went from this…

To this…

So hopefully I can do similar again lol, just different styling


You’ll go bankrupt doing that @Yetidragon :kissing_heart::joy::joy::joy:


Wow! :open_mouth:


Fast Car have messed me about,i’ll be showing with Punks as planned


And on the day the winner was… #insertdrumrollhere

@Ott with his Scooby :smiley: we will be getting a feature on his pride and joy on the website real soon :smiley:
Second was @Joedm and his Fairlady, followed by @Westlake-Mazduh, @Shazda with @dougy bringing up the rear.


Badges all awarded etc :smiley:


Thank you for having me on stand. See you again soon, hopefully :smile: :wink:


great to have you,and your MX5 :smiley:


An absolute awesome day Proud to be part of Combustion Punks and of course the best team :wink: #TeamRPG, i thank everyone who voted for The Green Machine, See you at Japfest2