VOTING! Japfest Featured Cars! #TOPPUNK


Following on from the nomination thread… 5 spots up for grabs and 1 will get “Toppunk” honours by public vote at the show, and as we all know, japfest is a biggy! Closing Midnight on April 21st! share it out guys!

remember the winner on the day gets ultra kudos, featured on the Blog and the facebook page #exclusivemerchoptions and a shiney badge :smiley: get your vote on!!!

  • Jay_moss
  • BRG_Jay
  • Websa
  • Hoodedreeper
  • Westlake_Mazdah
  • Joe_DM
  • L_Edge90
  • Shazda
  • killachipmunk
  • Drew
  • Dougy
  • T3lliot
  • Ott
  • Linkheroz

0 voters

@Jay_Moss (Team Awesome):-

@brg_jay (Team PMS)

@websa (Team Japcrap)

@hoodedreeper (Team Toku)


@JoeDM (Team Gaijin)

@L_Edge90 (Team Capns Crew)

@Shazda (TEAM RPG)

@killachipmunk (Team RAD)


@Dougy (Team Toku)

@T3LLIOTT (the DC5)

@Ott (Team RPG)

@linkheroz (Team RAD)

Japfest Featured Car Nominations



@TEAMToku and team dougy for the win! :joy: Vote me plz will bring much joy much love :heart:️:kissing_heart:


Go @L_Edge90 wooo


Thought I’d pop in a more updated pic of The Green Machine ready for Japfest been busy @TEAMRPG HQ


Looking good

Get Outlook for iOS


Kit is primed, soon to be painted, will be ready for JF :pray:


If it’s like that… :rolling_eyes::joy:




Any votes for my car should be given to someone who can make the show, my circumstances aren’t allowing me to make it in afraid


Well if your ticket is going spare, might want to mention it in the main Japfest thread.


Is voting still open for a reason @Yetidragon? :flushed: quick, get your extra votes in!! :sweat_smile:


yeah, cos I was away without signal all weekend and I’ve only just finished work :stuck_out_tongue:#

Closed now though :smiley:
The winners and our featured cars for Japfest 2017:-

  1. @Westlake-Mazduh
  2. @hoodedreeper @JoeDM ((hoodedreeper is going on fast car stand… and doing pennance)
  3. @Shazda
  4. @brg_jay @Dougy (BRG_Jay aint coming anymore )
  5. @Ott

Congrats guys :smiley:


Yay I made it :heart: see you all there :slight_smile:


Well done #TeamRPG! :smiley: 2 cars in the line up :smiley:


I’m only a stone’s throw away from you guys :stuck_out_tongue: Plus Yeti you havent sent me any stickers lol


I’m still not part of a team…Someone adopt me into a team!? :stuck_out_tongue:


Team Dauntless Few.... Recruitment open! :smiley:


bringing them with me matey :smiley: