Voting for MX5OC Autumn Rally '17


Following up on this thread we have the opportunity to have a 10 car stand at the OC Autumn rally… trouble is there are more of us wanting to stand than spaces we can get… so we are going all democratic and voting for the remaining 3 spots so here we go… choose your favorite 3…

and the pics…






New Door Cards by Richard Lindley, on Flickr


Some more photos to help with the voting :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


So er this happened


So, with a couple of drop outs, we have our final list…

  1. @JDM_Clare
  2. @Pip
  3. @Drew
  4. Lauren Cope
  5. @Erik69
  6. @ScORTED
  7. @Lokki
  8. @MickX5
  9. @seriousrikk
  10. @yetidragon

As you all know, spots are £12 each, I’ve had a couple of people send money across, but we are still quite a few shy. (obviously the people in the vote have only just found out they are in )

I will need to send funds for the stand today, so will front it for now, if everyone could get funds across ASAP i would be much obliged… I like to eat and payday is a ways away yet :smiley: