Updates to the forum

so you may, or may not have noticed a bit of downtime on the forum today… there was an issue at the data centre that hosts it… and not, as I briefly paniced about, down to the updates I applied about 30mins before :laughing:

there are a few more updates to go, mainly on the operating system… so a few more nervous minutes for me… and then I’ll be cracking on with the appearance of the forum, like updating the logos etc that pop up around the place. Please let me know if you get any issues, or if you see the old logo anywhere :smiley:


hmmm… so its going ok-ish…
updates applied and we are working - kinda… every few hours it jills a couple of prcesses, I believe due to cpu and ram loads, and the forum goes offline… working on that

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So it wasn’t my fault it crashed then :rofl::rofl:

we are still blaming you… you touched it last :laughing:

Working on the colours a little, dark theme almost done… light theme next (just for you x)

Ahhh, thanks pal :heart:

Both theme colours complete :smiley:
everyone let me know if they have any issues!!!

Yey, just got back to the light side all is good!!