United MX5 Takeover Stand Japfest Donington June 30th



Thank ya kindly :kissing_heart:


no worries at all matey :smiley:


If you already have your Saturday pass can you purchase camping as an add on? I might be going local on Friday night :grinning: :tent:


Think camping is obtainable on the gate to the campsite, though I’m not getting any reply to emails when this has been asked!


yeah you can pay for camping on the gate - it’s £15
Camping Pass:

Adult Advance: £10 (per person, per night)

Adult on the Gate: £15 (per person, per night)

Child: £10 (per person)


@Yetidragon @JDM_Clare thank you for that saves me any hassle!!



Join the Largest gathering of mixed Mx5s on the MX5 TAKEOVER stand this June, 30th at Donington Park.

Select club bookings, MX5 TAKEOVER from the club/ stand list and use password MX5FTW2018

:anger: TICKET DEADLINE JUNE 4TH :anger:



Booked tickets for 2 of mine, one which hasn’t seen the road in nearly 3 yrs and has no engine lmao


That’s kinda standard for you though :rofl::muscle:t3: can’t wait to see what you bring!!


Hey all! Almost last shout to join the biggest MX5 Stand at Japfest donington.

:boom: DEADLINE :boom:


Ask anything you need, here or in PM

:beers:CAMPING PLANS BELOW​:beers:
:oncoming_police_car: CONVOYS TBA :oncoming_police_car:

How to book:

Using this link, select “Club Tickets” then MX5 TAKEOVER from the groups and use password MX5FTW2018


Tickets are available until 4th of June.

Ticket price is £15

All tickets are E-TICKETS and will be emailed directly to you from the venue, roughly a week before the event.

:beers:CAMPING PLANS​:beers:

There will definitely be camping to look forward to on Friday night :grin: £10 in advance £15 on the gate at Donington Park Farm House.

Will pitch up tents near Combustionpunks; They have the tallest flags so helpful to find, many are friends of MX5Nutz and other groups and have provided great banter and company for many years now! :blush:

Will need to pack up and drive across the road to the Display area within Donington Park fairly early Saturday Morning to get set up before General Public admission. Stay tuned for times and updates and book your tickets before June 4th :sunglasses:



Hey all!

Display areas (that’s all of us!) Need to be assembled and parked by 9am.

Movement on site after that time is prohibited for safety as the general public gates open.

Therefore, I’m requesting people arrive for 8am in order to get (hopefully) 100 Plus cars organised.

Obviously there will be stradlers/ people who do not see these details etc… But if you specifically would like to park with a group/ club/ friends etc…

Please make sure to arrive at a reasonable time to get parked up… Or face parking at the back of the stand, without complaint :slight_smile:


Got my reminder to remember to remind folk…

Which is only handy for the forums, since Facebook BANNED ME for 3 days for sharing a Spotify track! :flushed::pensive::broken_heart:

So if anyone is able to answer any public questions they see, (I can’t even like stuff!) It would be HUGELY appreciated :hugs:

See you there!


I’ll keep my eyes open for questions :slight_smile:
facebook sux :frowning:


:earth_africa:TICKET SALES CLOSE :earth_africa:
Today at lunch time GMT… 12PM.

We have over 80 cars on stand, some special visitors from Netherlands and some Championship winning race cars. Come and be part of the BIGGEST MX5 ONLY STAND at Japfest, June 30th.

Buy your MX5 TAKEOVER display tickets Now!! Camping available on the gate. Password is MX5FTW2018




Morning all :slight_smile:

Last opportunity to book Japfest Donington Tickets, 30th June, to join the BIGGEST MX5 EXCLUSIVE display stand. Stand name: MX5 TAKEOVER. Password: MX5FTW2018



Over 100 cars booked!!


1 hour to go!!!


Ticket sales for ALL CLUB STANDS have now closed. See you all on the 29th if you’re camping, 30th for the show!

Stay subscribed to the event for important arrival details and convoy information :slight_smile:

Final reminder that all tickets are direct from Japfest and any issues, problems or ticket alterations should be done via them directly :slight_smile:

Japfest will email your tickets roughly 1 week before the show, directly to your email address.

Ideally, with 101 cars to park and display, please aim to arrive at the gates for 8am. Traffic movement is prohibited after 9am. If you’re not in by then, you’re highly unlikely to get entry, and most likely be parked at the very back of the display if by some miracle security do let you pass.

Stay tuned for more updates, details and convoy information, COMING SOON

Any questions or problems, feel free to drop me a message :slight_smile:


Need any help with setup @JDM_Clare?


Thank you Jay, that would be awesome!! Im just working it all out slowly!! We’ve got 104 Display passes so hopefully at least 100 cars to park :flushed: would really appreciate some help parking them! Am working out a display plan/ vote for front row cars… All I can say at this point is, gates open Saturday morning at 6.30am (IIRC!!)… aiming for 7am myself, and I will definitely need a hand parking everyone up :sweat_smile: @Pip has also offered a hand, may well be shouting out for more hands closer the day, just depends what time everyone arrives :slight_smile: