Ultimate stance 2018


Calling all stanced punks,
thinking of applying for a club stand at ultimate stance 2018 in November we would require 6 cars that are stanced and have show fitment. Would anyone be interested?
To apply I would have to send a picture of each car and a short description.
Would be awesome to get a club stand for punks and show off some of our show cars.
Drop a comment below if interested :grin:


I’m up for this :slight_smile:


I could stance the MK3 for the weekend… just needs the coilovers winding down a little lol


Slam it so it’s beached :grin:


I think I’ll do that after I get outta sheffield… roads around here are shocking lol


Would ours be of any interest, excuse me being an old fart, but is J60 “stances”? You’ve got pics if required? P


Am i stance boi enough?


As we can only have 6 cars on stand we may have to have a vote if there’s enough interest.
Post a pic of your car if you wish to be considered to attend