Tunnel Rat Badge

Criteria -
Take part in a tunnel run, with other Punks. Drive loudly in a low gear, with the roof or windows down. Bonus points for pops &bangs, or bouncing it off the rev limiter. Length of tunnel is not important. Grinning is.

Childish fun.

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  • no. being fun is too frivolous

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The punks definitely need to join Run2 for this badge @Run2Boss… There will be plenty of tunnels this year and, there has been years before. Which is a shame it doesn’t appear any punks have joined yet. As I think I could get this easily!! Hopefully the badge would be awarded if you have video evidence too?

Which tunnels will Run2 go through?

I’ve been through a few (Brum Queensway, Liverpool under the Mersey, Newcastle etc) but Hindhead is still the best, and the fastest.

Whatever tunnels are between here and, the Alps mate. I’d probably start with dartford. Possibly Mont Blanc and, then many other unnamed ones :smile:

Run2 Tunnel Ratting in 2013, Black Forrest, Germany…Golf Gti following Seb’s VXR8 Bathurst S