Theme selector enabled


Yep I’ve been playing with the forum settings… Its been a long time since I had chance, and the software the forum runs on has advanced quite a bit.

So we have themes… I havn’t gone crazy, just enabled 2 for now, a “light” and a “Dark” you should be able to switch between the 2 to your hearts content by selecting them in the “Hamburger” menu in the top right hand corner…

Yep it ain’t ground breaking but over winter we will sort out some more :smiley:


Mmmm dark theme makes me happy.


From the dark side away you should stay!!


Never underestimate the power of the dark side


Have noticed the Staff colour option on posts for highlighting things like polls or important posts etc, has become kinda ineffective… much softer on the eyes all round though, Im enjoying it on both laptop and tablet :slight_smile:


you mean with the dark theme or since update?

I could try to play with the theme a little to help with the hihlighting issue :smiley:


just the dark theme! Am enjoying it though… has a retrorides kinda feel to it :wink: lol :smiley:


there are a couple of dark themes we can try over the coming weeks :smiley: I didn’t wanna add loads cos it would be tricky sorting out issues that people have (like this highlight one) with too many… hell, its tricky enough getting Sam onto the forum on his phone lol