The Punks Warchest

Carrying over from the old forum, complete with updates :smile:

Events… Don’t we just love em :slight_smile: car shows and meets, track days and driftdays, auto solos and hill climbs. What ever it is, if its with your mates and involves an engine we are a happy bunch :smile:
Over the last year we have had more and more events, mostly coupled with MX5nutz, and everyone of them has been a blast :smile:
To make the events as enjoyable as possible we have been gathering more and more equipment, some of this has been financed by myself, some of it by the Warchest ( basically if we want something and the warchest falls short then I top it up Lol ) and living off the generosity of individual members, like @barefoot tirelessly slogging around the country in his van carrying gear, and his BBQ, and 101 other things… And @wotto poor colt hefting stuff around too, never seen a colt packed so tight!
In the last 12 months that has lead to us getting a flag ( which we need more of) and the awesome gazebo that keeps us dry and warm :smile:
Where do Warchest funds come from? Good question!
At the moment, all profit from Merch sales (t-shirts, hoodies, stickers etc ) go straight into the fund. Also every show ticket sold has a small admin and warchest addition on it.
Added to this, all profit from fibreglass panels Waspworks has made has also been poured into the fund ( I promised 20% of profit from 2014… But we really needed the gazebo, so I chucked everything in Lol)
Going forward funds are gonna be raised in much the same way :slight_smile: merch, percentages of fibreglass sales, event ticket sales. But with a couple of additions.
When the store re-opens after the website rebuild, Punks will be able to sell stuff they make or source through it, benefitting from advertising on the forum, website, Facebook page etc, for a small percentage of sales going to the warchests to keep forum running and events stuff coming in. ( more on that in another thread when store goes live again )
More events… Yep we wanna do more, so we are gonna be running more, such as autosolos, track days etc, and opening them up to everyone, with the warchest benefitting from some of the profit ( if there is any Lol, either way we’ll have fun :slight_smile: )

My MX5 is off the road for a refit, so I went and bought a Punks support vehicle, not out of the warchest, but it will run as if it was, doing duty as our load lugger / tower / mobile advertising board… You all know i like stickers.

What stuff do we want from the warchest?
There have been a few mentions around the place of what we are aiming for, but best to put them in here :smile:

  1. More flags and banners so everyone knows who we are
  2. More Merch, I can’t make everything, so at some point we’ll have to buy stuff in ( merch suggestion thread will be moved across from old forum soon)
  3. Generator for the shows
  4. Gopro pool for general use at events, yep we wanna be 'net famous there is a 'Punks YouTube channel ya know :smile:
  5. Funds to keep the forum and blogs hosted. Not gonna lie to ya, its been burning holes in my wallet. Added to paying a proper developer to do a restyle, its getting painful for me, but will be awesome and is needed if we are gonna grow :slight_smile:
  6. Funds so that we can run events, let’s face it, events cost money, and usually before the event actually happens, so we need a buffer to hire venues etc.

So onwards to 2015! Things are gonna be AWESOME

Matt xx


Going to be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance I get I can lend out my GoPro :smile:

Also, I think we should find some way of using the new law on using roads for motorsport! Everyone will know who we are if we close some big roads :wink:

I’ve already purchased a generator for punks to use at events, i even got a yellow one :blush:


Just bought a Gopro 4 Silver spare Batteries and SDcards to cover the liveblogging this weekend at Autosport international, and for the Shows… Between times though I’m looking at renting it all out to help fund this here Warchest so give us a shout if you ever want to rent a Gopro… and it’ll help our show stands look awesome :smiley:

GoPro’s are handy for filming the epicness that is Japfest 2 as well…


Just found a few photos of the newest flags, thought Id revive the thread a little since show season is upon us!!

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