The Caveman Badge


Here’s one that was suggested on Saturday night.

Name - Caveman badge
Criteria - Demonstrated the basic skills required to survive in the stone age. For example, being able to light a fire pit (without firelighters) would qualify. Tracking, killing and eating very mammal would also qualify, but those opportunities are fairly rare at UK car shows.
Aims - Put the ‘combustion’ into Combustion Punks. Promote safe use of fire!
Punks of the Combustibles, vote now!!!

  • yes! we should have this!
  • Pah, what drunken idiots thought this up?

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I’ll bring the right wood next time :wink:


Hahaha!! I love this idea!! :joy:


There’s lots of people at shows they are mammals just saying you know


Gets my vote!

But a caveat for me is the ability to not smoke out gazebos in the process