Tactical chunder

The tactical chunder… A badge for any light weight that can’t handle their drinks, at show camping or, if you ever decide to organise a Christmas party meal/ or just a night out.

Criteria: Pretty obvious but, if you throw up. You win!!! You could give a gold, to anyone who continues to drink after the tactical chunder (that is why it’s tactical) if you wanted.

Aims: more light hearted badgery, aimed at remembering the good times, that you might not fully remember. Also, a badge of shame. To teach you to man (or woman) the f*#k up and, drink like a champ or, to educate you, maybe to lay off the pop next time.

  • yes! we should have this cause sketchy is a drunk (apparently)!
  • Pah, I’m a machine and, nobody (except maybe sketchy) can out drink me!!

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I resent most of this.

Really, why?

Nah I’ve seen the aftermaths, I don’t think this should be encouraged!!!