Super Peaks Meet "The Summer Social" Sun 19th June

#Super Peaks Meet “The Summer Social” Sun 19th June

The 2nd Super Peaks Meet of 2016 is upon us, if you attended the February run out to Buxton, or any of the previous 5 Super Peak Events, you’ll know that its one not to miss, and Junes’ Peaks Meet comes with added BBQ Awesomeness!!

#What is Super Peaks Meet?
The Combustionpunks Super Peaks Meets is a series of THREE organised drives around the Peak District throughout the year. February’s Super Peaks Meet, named “The Re-Happening” attracted over 50 vehicles from all over the country. Convoys were organised from Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and other cities. It was the first of 2016, and we’re planning things a little differently for the 2nd…

The “Re-Happening” can be reviewed on the website HERE

#Super Peaks Meet, The Plan…
June’s meet, “The Summer Social” will start off at the Carding Shed, leaving there taking a planned route through the peaks, stopping off for a coffee and regroup, another scenic route to Matlock baths for a parade lap, ending up at one of two locations to set up a communal Punks BBQ to end the meet!

So, important details and timings…

Starting at Oil Can Cafe aka The Carding Shed
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Postcode: HD9 1AF

then convoy down route on hte map below (unless someone comes up with an awesome route to :

Fairholme Visitor Centre
11:45 am - 12:15 pm (30 minute stop)
for a quick coffee and regroup
Postcode: Hope Valley S33 0AQ

Another convoy travelling up to Matlock Baths for a parade lap

#####Through Matlock (anyone know who’s Matlock Baths will know its too busy to stop 'cus #touristsunday)

heading to
Carsington Water
Postcode: Ashbourne DE6 1ST

Carsington have their own communal BBQ stands but theyre coal so take a while to heat,bring your own burgers and baps etc for the BBQ

#The Plan
10am till 10:45am ~ Carding Shed AKA Oil Can Cafe

Approx 11:45 - 12:45 ~ Fairholme Visitors Centre

Approx 13:00 ~ Wheatcroft Wharf Cafe/ Carsington Waters

If youve been coming along to the Punks events, meets and socials, you’ll know all about the kill badges on the forum we’ve made into collectible stickers… This is the “Re-Happening” Badge from February’s Meet, if you came and didnt collect one, let us know on Sunday!

The “Summer Social” Peaks Meet badge will be a different and undisclosed colour till on the day :wink:

Convoys to the Starting Venue / Oil Can Cafe

Sheffield - meeting at Deepcar autobodies at 9 to have a natter and convoy to the Carding shed
Manchester - Manchester MX5s are organising a convoy over, if you are coming over from that side of the peaks feel free to join them :smiley:

CB Radio Channel: 23
Lead Convoy Car: @yetidragon (If he fixes his bloody car, bloody stoopid leaking diff)
Tail Gunner Car: @ volunteers? must have CB
Pic or videos to send in to get put ont he blogs / facebook page? password is punks

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Ha! Even if I was close enough I still wouldn’t make it! (Because father’s day!)

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Ikr :see_no_evil: hopefully we can kinda incorporate/ bribe dad’s to come out with kids or something! Lols

the one earlier this year looked sick. Think im gunna have to try and pull myself outta bed early in the morning to make it up to this!

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Anyone have any preferences/ suggestions on route or stopping points between venues?

That looks like a fairly decent route as it is tbh, lots of twisties :smiley:

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Opening Post updated with final details :smiley: hopefully we will have the weather for it :smiley:

I wish this was today. I’m busy tomorrow, as far as I’m aware anyway. I’d love to give either focus or m3 a run out with you guys. If I end up free around lunch, I’ll slide up to carsington

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#Great news!!

@Frank_Hall from the charity track days can’t make the peaks meet, that’s not the great news of course…

The Great news is, Frank has put on a special discounted menu for us, to group order and collect for the end venue… Franks shop, “Hall’s Traditional English Fish and Chips” in Matlock Baths, is just around the corner from our end Venue, Carsington Waters Visitor Centre :slight_smile:

How’s this sound…

Full-size fish, chips, and peas/beans/curry/gravy, £5.70.

Sausage/fishcake, chips, and peas/beans/curry/gravy, £2.70

Battered sausage, chips, and peas/beans/curry/gravy, £3

Mini fish, chips, and peas/beans/curry/gravy, £3

Chips, and peas/beans/curry/gravy, £2

Chips, £1.50

So, anyone interested in food, as well as BBQ or instead of, we will take your order at Fairholme Visitor Centre, the second/ middle stop on the run and deliver it to you at Carsington Waters :+1:

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If anyone’s still fancies an afternoon drive, there’s a lot of nice roads round there

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What an awesome day out for Super Peaks Meet! Thank you all who attended and played a part in making it awesome :grin: a special thanks to @barefoot for bringing and supplying a BBQ and @Frank_Hall for feeding us from his Traditional fish and chip shop, best fish and chips I’ve had so far from the coast :heart_eyes: If you have any photos to submit, you can send them to

Password is punks

And don’t forget, Super Peaks is a trio of events organised by CombustionPunks in the Peak District throughout the year. We have one more left, October 23rd #savethedate #CombustionPunksEvent

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I cheated… I intercepted you guys at Fairholme.
Nice to meet you.
Clare… my son wants your dog. Lol.
And did anyone catch that duck… :smile::smile:
I’m in the super mk1 shed with the black boot lid. Still loads to do to it.

And also… random fact… my neighbour works with/along side a “big hairy Welsh chap”… drives a red mx with big black stuck on arches…

His words. Not mine…

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Hey all, had a great day yesterday, nice seeing sooooo many 5’s together again.
Thanks to everyone who organised it the food was a nice bonus :ok_hand:

MOAR admin catchup! assigning badges for coming to this :smiley: if you came, but have not yet got your SuperPeaks Jun '16 badge let me know!

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