Super Peaks Meet, 21st Feb 2016 "The Rehappening"

Gonna do the Super Peaks Meet Thing again
Sunday 21st Feb 2016
Location - The Bull I’ th’ Thorn, Buxton
Convoy Links - Coming soon

The Long version:-

It’s been a while! so yeah, we are gonna go and do it again :smiley: yep, SUPER PEAKS MEET!
The ever popular Punks / Nutz Super Peaks Meets makes (yet) another triumphant return…

Yep, thats right, Not satisfied with the recent quiet of winter, we once again want to take control of the Peak District, But this time we are gonna do it a little differently. Kinda gonna make it up a little as we go along, so details in this thread will be added as decisions are made:

Everyone remember the other Peaks Super Meets we have had? you know the ones, a series of local meets, all convoying to Buxton to culminate in a huge gathering of Punks and Nutz up at the legendary Cat and Fiddle just out side Buxton? Same kinda format… Different destination :smiley:

Lets face it, the last few have been a bit big for the cat and fiddle, and a bit bloody chilly, ok, some idiot keeps organising them in winter, but I’m learning from my mistakes :smiley: (It takes me a while) and we are gonna run 3 this year, one of them is in June, so we might get lucky and be warm that day lol.

So When is it?
Sunday 21st February at 11AM

How do we get there?
Traditionally we have a bunch of meets in Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, Stoke, Cheshire (and anywhere else that people want to run a convoy from) and then convoy to the main meet.

Where is it?
Weve investigated a couple of venues and for Feburarys Peaks Meet, weve gone with The Bull I’ Th’ Thorn in Buxton…

Facebook page is here:

1, Big car park with free parking
2, Refreshments / food available
3, Good roads local so we get a good run there and back, and so that we can do passenger runs out, we all love passenger runs in the turbos / super chargers yeah? :smiley:

Next bit will be Convoys…
Nottingham Super Peaks 21st Feb'16 Nottingham Convoy
Midlands (
Sheffield ( Super Peaks feb '16 Sheffield convoy )
Manchester Convoy from Manchester to Super Peaks Meet on 21st Feb 2016

Anyone wanting to organise some meets / convoys? Please shout up :slight_smile: we had over 40 cars last time :smiley: we should easily be able to top that.

If you wanna run a local meet then start up a thread :slight_smile: and lemmie know so I can link to it from here :smiley:

Lets go have some fun in the peaks :slight_smile:


First Convoy thread live :smiley: Super Peaks Meet, Midlands convoy Thanks @Philip_Westwood


Wont make this one but will keep an eye out for June date. Missed every other one cause you’re all weird northerners!

I’m in…not got the Mx5 anymore but the RX8 will be coming!!

I’ll drive up with you luke,
Start of a Nottingham convoy if anyone else want to tag on?

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me and @Yetidragon are off to check out the new venue Sunday, you know, make sure the car park is big enough, catering/ coffee needs are met and such… Will let you know how it goes, anyone local fancies tagging along for a sneak preview, shout up :smiley:

#roofdownwhatevertheweather :smiley:

wow… huge text :joy:

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I can’t go, got a 165 mile bike ride planned :disappointed:

Will think of you then lol, see you saturday!

So we took a drive out yesterday to check out a couple of locations for the February Peaks Meet… The Bull I’ Th’ Thorn in Buxton… lovely drive out, great scenery and location, hot food, open fire and full of cool and random Medieval memorabilia :smiley: Car park is more than accommodating for 40+ cars. (original post updated with more details!)

Just 3 weeks away guys n girls, we need you to pick up your part of the deal… we need convoys!! @Philip_Westwood has offered to organize the west midlands area convoy, still other areas in need of a leader… Who’s going to step up?


Anyone got a spare mx5 neither of mine will be up to it?

Nottingham convoy…Super Peaks 21st Feb'16 Nottingham Convoy

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Nottingham Convoy


Awesome thanks @mx5rustmeister :slight_smile: added link to the OP

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West mids convoy details can be found here, if you wish to join drop your name down so we know who is meeting and at which point cheers.

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glad to see the convoys coming together nicely! Top job @Philip_Westwood & @MX5Rustmeister :smiley:

Dash Cams. who has one?

Me and @Yetidragon were talking about dash cams… we did a little convoy video for the Autotronix rolling road day, but with only one car and one cam, it wasnt as exciting as it could have been! (plus some bimbo forgot to get actual dyno run clips, ooops.)

Super Peaks is a prime opportunity for some epic dash cam footage, how many of us have them and can get some files sent over after the event? :smiley: Some of you already know about the punks Youtube channel, would be cool to pack it out with coverage on all the cool stuff we get up to as a club :blush:

We’re also researching CB radios… geek mode activate :sunglasses:

Really cant wait for this!


Yeh I’ve got one…I’ll put it on


There is a Manchester Convoy, link here thanks to @laze on behalf of a lazy Jamie :joy: Has been added to the OP, @UniformJamie looking forward to seeing you all :slight_smile:

I have two dash cams, both are Liquid Image EGO HDs. I’ll bring them along.

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I’ve actually just ordered one for the work car. Think I might test it out in the GT4 before hand in this case then :grin:

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i’ll be there!!! :grinning: