Super Limited Edition JAE Hoodies

ACT QUICK!!! Super short deadline, Amazing restricted numbers available!!
Limited Edition 'Punks JAE 2015 Hoodies
£35 each
Only available via pre-order
Only available to Members on the JAE Stand
Made to order
Can be Personalised with your forum name for £3 extra
Hoodies are available as zip up or overhead, both styles are very comfy, warm, with phone pockets in the main pocket.
Closing date to order is Thursday… yep 2 days time…

Full version.
Been asked a few times in the last few days if I will be doing some limited edition hoodies this year.
Er… Ok… but I better work fast yeah? and seeing as time is a bit limited here, I’m gonna have to really limit how many we can make.

so we’ve got some new artwork special which will be printed onto the hoodies in that lovely flock stuff :smiley:
They will also have the usual “combustionpunks” down the sleave
We’ll be able to offer the option of having your name / forum name across the left front breast as an optional extra, for £3 per top. Hella useful :smiley: esp for anyone new to the stand to remember everyones names

To order:-

Send Funds to
post up what you want EG:-

XL Hoody, Overhead, Name:- “Yetidragon”

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Large hoody, overhead, name-Barefoot

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medium hoody, overhead, name: MykeX5

plz tyvm

i shall send you £1 a month for 38 months. deal? :wink:


Medium zip Hoodie
Overhead name Fairytail5

(It’s Tish btw)
I shall pay end of August like last year! :blush:

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Tish meant just Zip hoodie haha!

Small Zip Hoody, Name: ADeathFromADove

Medium Zip hoodie, with “StuartB” on please.
Funds sent.

Is it wrong that 'punk and Matt are in my most-frequently-sent-to list on Paypal?


How do i know what size to order? :worried: Sending pennies now…

over head hoody, JDM Clare preasse :kissing_closed_eyes:

FFS @JDM_Clare … extrapolate size from the one you nicked at RRG… and yes I want the bloody thing back! thats the first one I ever made.

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no @stuartb … that shows that 'Punks is fulfilling a valid service and getting your ass to the shows :smiley:

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large… over the head… EdCase


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ive been wearing it, i mean looking after it. LoL. went to Brighton with me by accident so i thought why not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ill sort it out for the rally/ JAE

My internet is being a dick but i should have just sent monies for:

Size L zip up; name: Corders

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Yes yes! New album cover coming on… #clothefriends @mykeX5

1x XL for Dave (Painterdave)
1x XL for me too please (i like them on the large side :joy: ) - not bothered if it has my name on or not, whatever you have time for.

Both overhead please thankyou ta xx

Hi Matt

I’ve sent you two payments, i changed my mind on names so i’ve sent you £76.00 in total for two hoodies, overhead, the info for the name is on the £6.00 payment.

Cheers Bud

Awesome :smiley: that was a quick uptake :smiley:
gonna be a busy start to next week for me then lol

Ah man missed it, I guess I’m too late Yeti? Overhead, in small if I haven’t missed the boat!


I have paid up now :slight_smile:

I’ve been preoccupied rushing around getting my car painted and it’s going to be close as to whether it’s finished or not :frowning:

Can I still jump on this or am I way too late?

gimmie details of what you want quick, I might be able to get some more hoodies in stock in time to print if we are quick…