Summer super peaks run date and early plans


An Awesome day out :smiley:

Many Massive thanks to @Lokki who organised this one, and did us all proud… great venues, great convoys, and great food… OK, he didnt cook the food, but he found the places that did :smiley: days like today don’t just “fall” together and Keith did a great job :smiley:

All his effort would have been for naught if everyone didnt come out for the day and have a bit 'o fun with their fellow 'Punks.

Thank you all so very much for coming out and having a play day in the sun, and for being your awesome friendly selves xxxx like seriously… do you know how many comments I get from people new to us , about everyone being so welcoming and friendly and not a bunch of exclusionist arseholes? You guys rock :smiley:

the venues were brilliant, and I know @Lokki has been talking to them and will offer them our thanks for being great hosts and feeding us well… and I doubt they will be looking on here, but I will tag them in the event on facebook and tag them up, please, if you enjoyed the venues, give their pages a quick like, or even a quick review if you have the time.

Thanks again everyone xxx


It is a great pleasure and a great honour to have the opportunity to organise and run the peaks events, yes I do a lot behind the scenes with venues but I have to thank team PMS for everything they do too. It’s a real joy to be out in glorious countryside with the best friends I’ve ever had and doing the things I love the most. Thank you to everyone involved, much love