Summer super peaks run date and early plans


firstly what a great day out we had just a week ago and thankyou to everyone that helped and came along to make it the awesome day it was, with that said we have a date for the summer peaks run and that is july 15th, ive already got some great ideas and input from my team, this one could be bigger than ever. watch this space as details of venues and hopefully a very special surprise depending on availability.


what are peoples thoughts on meeting at the yonderman again?


yeah seemed like a good location… and they foolishly seemed to like having us there :smiley:

one thing that might be good is a stop somewhere we can do some passenger rides from so people can get a few short runs in :smiley: always went down well getting rides in the boosted cars :smiley: (hopes can get a turbo running by then)


Great idea, always good to have a breakfast before shooting off round the peaks.


Yondermann looked like an awesome place, I’ll deffo make this one.


i think it was a great place to start the day so consider it done


ok just an update, im waiting for reply from several venues regarding capacity and accessability. as soon as i have info i will put this together.


venue details going up this weekend, keep your eyes peeled


So as we met at the fantastic Yonderman Cafe for the spring peaks run and because of such positive feedback and the offer to return there again for this one it was a very easy decision to do it again.

The meeting place:

The yonderman cafe @ 9.00am - 10.30am to give everyone time to get there and enjoy a truly fantastic breakfast.
Wardlow Mires
SK17 8RW

From here we will be taking a long drive around the peaks on some of the best roads the peaks has to offer and then finally making our way to the pub.

The pub @ 12am - 2.30pm give everyone time to enjoy the drive and the scenery and enogh time to chat and enjoy more great food, this is a first for us again and the staff at the old dog are very much looking forward to meeting us.

The Old Dog
Spend Lane

Afterwards we will take yet another drive back across the peaks towards the matlock area, depending on time and how busy things are decisions can be made on the day.

This time round there will be maps and guides to the peaks and the routes we will be taking to ensure nobody gets lost or left behind.

Team PMS are very much looking forward to making this the best one to date and we look forward to seeing you all there.


Have we got a date for the Summer Peaks yet? I want to try and make this one if my car is back on the road in time


15th of July as Lokki said in his past post??


Thanks. I missed the past post!


will start getting this together this week, its not far away now


ok, convoy from Chesterfield tesco meeting at 8.00 if anyone wants to meet us there


er you do know it’s the world cup final that day.england could b in it


World Cup? What’s that?


quiter roads then :slight_smile:


I’m not a football person so no idea, plus this was organised long before World Cup started so again no idea lols


Guessing the world cup final ain’t as important now…


Another great day out well done to those great organisers :grinning::grinning:

Great venues, great roads and great friends!!!