Summer Punk Holiday... The Discussion


’Punks Summer Holiday, its going to rock!

We are actively planning what is set to be one of thee most exciting dates in the Punks calendar this year!

This year, the Punks Summer Holiday is about getting a bunch of us together/ meeting up across a long weekend of epic driving routes, camping and having a few days of punks madness :wink: The events team are currently investigating venues for DWYB/ sprints/ autosolos, and whatever you guys, the members want… Trip to the beach? Lets do it! Day off roading & mud fun, hells yeah! Go-Karting… go on then :slight_smile: Lets hear your suggestions!

If all goes to plan, we’ll end up in Worcester for the Retro Rides Weekender starting the 25th… So have a think and shout up with where you think the Punks Summer Holiday should pass through this year, anything awesome going on near you?

We’re game for anything sociable, what do you want?
Suggestions on a postcard, or below…


Would be fun to go and visit Driftland, and maybe head a bit further into the wilds of Scotland. As a bonus, a day trip into Edinburgh for the fringe might be entertaining.

On the driving front, I’d be up for most off-road stuff. Tanks and hovercraft look fun.


Deffo a good Karting day!
Everyone can have fun karting.

Elk in Newark look good :smiley: with twin engine karts…


some quality drives through Wales, could maybe do evo triangle, plenty of places to camp, beaches (got to do a beach stop!) maybe on the way up to driftland? :smirk: @Yetidragon you are Welsh, right, so what else is there to do in Wales other than sheep? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


you do no the welsh get offended when the english keep on mentioning our sheep we have more than just sheep you know.

21st august is a sprint event run by javelin at anglesey so could add that to the diary i be there so maybe on the sat we could go karting then the sprint on the sunday.

CombustionPunks are Hiring! Kinda..... Volunteers, Read On

Also up in north wales you have port merion which was the town used to film the prisoner series back in the 60s.


There are 2 of these up North:

I’ve not been, but know people that have, and it looks a lot of fun.


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I’ll be up for a trip to the Evo triangle! I’ll sort someone to come along.


We will update this soon guys, it’s all down on paper, need to catch up over the weekend!


Trying to get it so people can come to a couple of days, or all of them, or just 1
Rough plans at the moment…

Saturday 20th
Worcester drift karts and laser tag

Sunday 21st
Buxton drifting

Monday 22nd
Still Thinking…

Tuesday 23rd
Chll out day at punks HQ - all welcome BBQ, custom stickering, car prep
Evening Cadwell track

Evo Triangle

Thursday - Retro Rides


Don’t forget Matt for the Drifting day… not everyone has a drift mobile.

Ain’t no way, no one, no how getting the Micra (our RRG tool for the year) to drift!

I don’t know yet if me and Sue will have the money to attend given all our car related costs, and we’d be cool just blagging passenger rides but I’m guessing there are some who’d feel a bit excluded.

As for the Monday though maybe hit a theme park? Alton Towers is a bit too big to do properly in a day, but I know there are other smaller not as well known but still supposed to be pretty good parks up north.


Mark that sounds like a challenge. Will stop by maccy ds for some trays :slight_smile:

Also probably can do the Tuesday onwards. Will see what the boss says.
Monday we could all finish wrapping my car? It’s proving a bitch so far


Pics or gtfo I didn’t realise you were wrapping it!


I have absolutely no issues with loaning out the orange eunos for Buxton! It’s about half hour from home too, so if it gets a poorly, we’re local enough to sort it out! :slight_smile:


Buxton has wall’s y’know. I’d see those as issues if I were you!


You know I have another shell that is so close to running I can taste it? Lol. Can’t imagine anyone doing any worse than me in it, and if they do, I guess replacement parts will need to be sourced :joy: too generous, I know but the idea of a punks loaner is pretty cool, and all I’ll do with it when I’m done is break it anyway!


Pics… Of me getting angry and only wrapping the fuel cap so far? Boot was being a bitch. £750 is looking like a bargin now.


You using heat? Sounds like a 3 man job to me!


I’m always on heat…Haha

Yeah I was, but it’s difficult on your own. Hoping my mates here will help me do it but if that is shit then will just leave it alone.