Spring Super Peaks run 2020

Date:- 29th March 2020
Time:- 9.30-10.00am
Location:- Yonderman Cafe SK17 8RW
Price:- Free

So here we go, the days are getting longer, not getting warmer yet but that won’t stop us from descending on the glorious Peak District and surrounding areas.

so let’s kick off the 2020 season in true punks tradition at the truly fantastic,

Yonderman Cafe
A623 Wardlow mires
SK17 8RW

We shall meet here from 9.30-10.00am for the best breakfast in the district, stick around for an hour or so and let everyone fill there faces ready for the next part of the days journey.

From the Yonderman Cafe we will be visiting a new venue that are willing to put up with our rabble of not quite grown up and somewhat disfunctional family,

The Navigation Inn
High Peak
SK23 7NE

We hope to arrive here around 12.30-13.00pm for some light refreshment and perhaps a delicious drink or two (as a passenger obviously) chat some more and admire the countryside.

From here we will have a great drive all the way down the A6, through some spectacular scenery and eventually arrive at bakewell, parking will cost £2-£3 to park for a couple of hours, once here there are some great little shops, great food, wonderfull fudge factory and the legendary Wee Dram, Whiskey shop (jaqs)

We always park up at the
Bakewell Showground car park
Agricultural business centre
DE45 1AH

Here we will end our day, hopefully the weather will be good for us and nobody gets lost along the way, we will do our best to make it a great day out, look forward to seeing you all very soon


Hi, just a precautionary question. Are we still going ahead with this given the current advise from the government regarding public meetings and CV19 etc.
Not wanting to be a killjoy or any thing just thinking about keeping my extended Family safe and sound.
Drive safe peeps !!

Well the PM has ordered closing of pubs restaurants ect. So I’m guessing that might have an impact on this.