Spring Peaks run 2022!

Here we go!!! a triumphant return of th Peaks runs, with the first of 3 for 2022 in our usual format of Spring, Summer Autumn… So dust off your whip and get your ass up to the peaks for a day out with your fellow punks, good banter, and some of the most awesome roads.

Starting at the Yonderman 10am – Awesome breakfast and a very welcome opportunity to shoot actually talk, like in person, to all the people you have missed most over the last couple of the years… nope, not your family, you have spent way too much time hanging around the house with them - its time to play with your car-family
We leave leave at 11:30 and onwards to The Fickle Mermaid Arriving 12:30 – 13:00 for a spot of lunch

next to Cromford Coffee Shop 16:00 for a wind down to the day

Its a shame these are so far away from us (a 4hr journey to the Yonderman with 2x under 2 year olds aint gonna be a fun drive)

Maybe. Depends on mood/whether the mx5 is ready

What date are you thinking of?