Spin your car on track

Name: Have a go hero.

Criteria: Come off track, at a track day/drift day or official race/sprint/hill climb/drift competition, because you pushed it to far beyond yours or, your cars limit. Also should be awarded for drift related bumper removals or dints. 6 spins or track offs, dints or bumper removals should be gold, 3 for silver, 1 for bronze. If a car rolls or gets wrecked beyond driving, it should be automatically a purple award. If it’s still driving after a roll, a black belt should be added to purple. Excluding death or serious injury. Plus, if a person isn’t able to laugh at themselves after.

Aims: to have some light hearted joking for your mistake. So they feel less bad about it. Not to rub salt in to an open wound.

  • yes! Because race car!
  • Pah, I’m skilled and would never come off

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Challenge accepted, with video…

As we’ve vetoed having a “purple heart” badge for personal injury at event (it’s just too easy), could we have a purple version of the spin badge for vehicle damage?

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Yeah that sounds pretty good. That could be the vehicle wreckage/roll over stamp. It has to be a similar bent car, to most of Rodders accidents though, so it would make it tough to earn, like it would be in real battle. Use it as a “you shouldn’t get this but, if you do, you’ve earned it” kinda badge?

Drift dints/cone dints, only count towards gold…

Unless, you come back with a dint or missing bumper every time you come out of track days, then maybe say after the 12th track day you can qualify to upgrade to purple…

Think rules should state video & picture evidence of spin & any damage. Then judged in a “show us ya track scars” topic, to figure out who should get the purple.

For example, if your car looks like below. Purple Heart.

I was looking at it from personal experienc. Smashed out light cluster, bent exhaust pipe, caved in rear wing. All the result of a tyre wall. That’s got to count (if it happened again) surely?

I’m not talking about a half-arse “I just scraped a cone, my paint/nails/fake-suntan is slightly messed” event :slight_smile:

I’ll get one of these at every drift day then!

Couple more of my first saxo…this one hurt lots!

They’ve got to be worth something, there needs to be a “show us your smash” topic, to judge for the badges?

or a seperate ‘crashed/written off on track’

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Yeah that kinda thing.

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I think spinning isn’t a good one… too easy to get lol.
How about “got a session red flagged”

It has to be a spin because you pushed to hard and subsequently hit a track barrier. Red flag would be pretty good shout. I’m quite happy with the drift bumper removals & the serious dints idea.

Think “track scars” is more what I mean by “spin on track” and, would probably be a tougher one to gain an award as most folk don’t want to damage their car even when they are willing to push hard and spin.

It needs to leave a mark, dint or drift bumper removal. The bigger/ more frequent the marks occur, the better the shame, the greater the badge award?

Red flag has to be counted with a undrivable in terms of damage/catastrophic engine failure. So, getting a session red flagged could be a Purple Heart award?

Maybe something like “track damage”? Like at DWYB on Wednesday the rain removed my rear bumper for me. Whole.

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