Special Guests @ MX5OC National Rally 24th Sept '17


We have been invited once again to put on a wierd and wonderful stand at the MX5 Owners Club National Rally :smile:

The Rally will be held at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon, Sunday 24th September.

The MX5OC put on a beast of a day for these events! In its 23rd year, the OC promise this one to be bigger and better than ever! From Competitions to trade stalls, entertainment to bargain boot finds, a handling course to Experience Drives, its a show not to miss, last year over 2000 mx5s attended and we put on a damn good display amongst them all!

Numbers will be very limited to display with Punks, some will be reserved for invite only… Others will go to a public vote, like last year.

For now, stay tuned for more infos!



Last year was a very good day out :slight_smile: the auto Solo was very fun :slight_smile: I’m up for it :grin:


There are a few cars in my mind I know that many will agree, should be invited pre vote/ reserved spaces for… Not only because theyre amazing, beautifully built examples, but also for the love and consistency towards the cars and community that has been shown from the owners/ drivers.

@Yetidragon, you only fit half of that catagory :joy::kissing_heart:

See you in the public Vote :laughing::sweat_smile:


like my hunk of junk would be voted in lols


Hey, September is aaaggges away, who knows what you will have acheived by then! My 5 will be back on the road soon, so your gracious loaner will be back at the wrecktory, maybe you can get @Pip to dip it and display that? Either way… Im sure the overlord gets a reserved place in whatever shed hes driving at the time :smile: was only playing :kissing_heart:


Shame I couldn’t get the duckling on the road for then, don’t get much different than that lol


It was fun :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some plans with mine before then, I’f they’re done, I’m up for coming again!


Checking my roster and I’m off, looks like I could be up for this!!


Is it 17th as in the title or 24th as in the text?? Not that it matters much I’m off both days


It was meant to read '17 as in 2017 for history and search purposes, but I can see how that is misleading :sweat_smile: will ammend… Its the 24th :slight_smile:


Can i put my name down for this one please :slight_smile:


I believe @Yetidragon to be taking the reins on this one… more info to come soon!


I’ll put my name down for a space please :grin:



Started a thread with a bit more info and asking for nominations here… 'Punks do the MX5OC Rally '17 Nominations